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After doing dozens of shows for various Harley Davidson dealerships, a bitchin' throwback festival in Dallas,another fantastic show at Speaking Rock in El Paso we've taken a little break over the winter. Just as we were getting ready to rock the spring of 2016 I lost my Mother....Then we lost a really good friend...Major bummer...Can't wait to get back to the main thing we shared....music! Looking forward to seeing you all at our shows!! Love you all!! Take care of each other,life is real short!


El Paso was great (except for the snow)! Brick by Brick in San Diego rocked! SAn Diego Harley on the Sat after the 4th of July is goona be awesome. Come on Harleys and ZZ TOO.....


Speaking Rock Casino the 3rd of Jan 2013....Come out and enjoy

ZZ TOO Promo

Finally done with video...bunches of tech issues! Ready to get down with all you ZZ Top fans!

ZZ TOO Coming soon

ZZ TOO is buried in studio....working on video. We'll be out soon....will keep you posted. also look for us at zztooblog.com. Rock on!!