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NY Show

Hi, we have been hard at work, practicing and writing new material to prepare for 2017 shows. That being said, we are proud to say that after years for playing many great venues in Connecticut and Massachusetts, that we have our first show in NY. We will be playing the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday 1/21/17 with 4 other great Death Metal/ Black Metal bands. We will be playing some new material this night for the first time, and we are quite excited for this show. So any of our Western CT and NY fans please come join us for an epic night of metal, and hit us up for tickets. Any fans from further out that would like to attend as well, please hit us up and we'll make sure to get you tickets, and try to help set up some car pool options. As always thanks for the support and Be Brutal!

Rik Manoni (guitarist)


We want to thank everyone for coming out to the show on Saturday. It was another awesome Posidemic Ntertainment show. Jesse James is really doing great things for this scene. There were 130+ people not including the band members themselves. Almost a third of the people were BrutalRise fans, so thank you for making this comeback show awesome as usual. Without you guys, we'd just be 4 jerks playing in my basement. Now to start preparing for our next show opening for Fear Factory/ Soilwork at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on Saturday 4/9/16 at 5:00pm. We will be mixing up the set, so it won't be the exact same set as last week. We have tickets for sale for $20 each. That is less than Ticketfly or the Box offices, as they will charge you service fees. Message us and we'll arrange to meet up with you to deliver the tickets in hand. Thank you again for the support.

Be Brutal, Rik Manoni (Guitarist)

Big things happening

We are happy to announce that P.J. Cosumano has decided to join BrutalRise as our permanent bassist again. Also we will be opening for Fear Factory and Soilwork at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on Saturday 4/9/16 @ 5:00pm. This is huge news for as as both of these bands are big influences on the band. Fear Factory will be playing Demanufacture in it's entirety at this show. We are selling discounted tickets, so please message us for tickets. You can also come to our show at All Stars in Manchester, CT on Saturday 3/19/16 to see some great band, hang out with some great people, celebrate Rik's birthday, welcome P.J., and get Fear Factory/ Soilwork tickets at a below face value price, for this show only.

Be Brutal, Rik Manoni (Guitarist)


We are happy to say that one of our previous bassist, P.J. Cosumano is stepping in as our temporary bassist. He is relearning the material for a Posidemic Ntertainment "5 Band for 5 Bucks" show 3/19/15 at All Stars in Manchester, CT. It feels great to be jamming with one of the original lineups again. More details will follow about this great show, so stay tuned.

Band Update

We are happy to say that original drummer, Chris Sharp is back in BrutalRise. We are still looking for a permanent bassist, so we can continue writing, recording, and playing shows. We do have a couple of possible big shows in the works and will have a stand-in bassist for these shows if they pan out. Stay tuned for more exciting BrutalRise news to come shortly.

Be Brutal, Rik (Guitarist)

Seeking new members

BrutalRise is now seeking a bassist and drummer. Please contact us if interested at brutalrise@comcast.net.

New drummer!!!

We are pleased to announce that after searching CT and MA for the last two and a half months, we have found BrutalRise's new drummer. Jeff Fancher, stood out over all those that tried out. It was a tough choice, as there were some good drummers out there. In the end it came down to two drummers, that were very close, but Jeff's style and personality just fit then band a little better. I want to thank all that tried out and submitted recordings. Best of luck to all of you.

We are now concentrating on having Jeff write new drum parts to our existing songs, to make them his own. Then we will finally finish up the EP we've been promising, and get out there soon to tear it up.

Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye out for updates on the progress.

Be Brutal, Rik (Guitarist)

Drummer Search

BrutalRise has parted ways with their drummer. We are currently looking for a replacement. If you know any good metal drummers hit us up. We have a EP just about finished, and ready for new drum tracks ASAP. We also have some gigs lined up for the near future, if we can get a replacement quickly. We have a practice space/ recording studio in East Hartford, CT.

Be Brutal, Rik Manoni (Guitarist)

Fear Factory Show

BrutalRise is very excited about this show to say the very least. To be able to open/ support one of our favorite bands/ influences is mindblowing. We will be opening for Fear Factory and Hate Eternal at the Webster on Wednesday 5/1/13. Doors open at 5:00pm. Tickets are $20 through the band, and $23 at the doors. So please if you are going anyways, buy a ticket through us, as it helps us with future gigs at the Webster. Let us know if you are interested, and we can meet up with you. Be Brutal, Rik Manoni (Guitarist)

Update 3/29/13

Hi all, There has been a lot going on in the BrutalRise world. First off the demo is moving along nicely. Rhythm guitar tracks are done. Solos are being finished up this weekend. Then we well be putting the finishing touches on the drum track and laying down the vocals. So we are looking to have some product soon. Keep checking in for updates.

Secondly, BrutalRise is opening for Fear Factory at the Webster Theater on Wednesday 5/1/13. Tickets are $20 in advance, and $23 at the door. Buy tickets from us in advance and save some money. Regardless to say, we are all very excited for this opportunity, and look forward to supporting one of our favorite bands. This is going to be an awesome show.

Be Brutal, Rik Manoni (Guitarist)