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Hello World!

Hello World! Here I am writing this blog but don't really know what to talk about; maybe I will start with what I think made me come to this wonderful "Reverb Nation", and that is Music. Music has always been my first love but I have always had a problem moving on by myself. I think I work better in a group. Since I moved to the US, I have a big big problem to find myself and the genre I really want to go. I used to be in a boys band in Africa and I miss my three other partners. We had to be separated because of life circumstances but we are friends still and each one of us is doing his own thing. I need music in my life and I need some more motivation and be around people with whom I share this same passion. I hope I find what I'm looking for, but I know there are other artists looking for the same thing, not success at first but the love of this art to be expressed. I'm on that stage of giving up so many things to follow what I strongly believe I was meant to be. I've denied it for a long time but like a shadow it keeps on following me wherever I go. Are you like me? Then we're meant to be friends ...

Justin Mb.