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So long and thanks for all the fish!

A shout out to our pal Drew, who worked at the studio where we rehearse. It didn't take us long to recognize a kindred spirit in Drew, with his wicked sense of humour and biting wit. He's been a good source of advice from time to time, too. We always look forward to hanging with him after our weekly sessions. So it was sad news for us when we heard that he's moving on to new endeavors and that yesterday would be his last Sunday shift at the studio. Practice just won't be the same without him. But we wish him all the best with his new gig, and we'll be sure to stay in touch. Here's to you, Drew! Thanks for everything.

Check the photos for a couple of pics from yesterday.

Slow news week on the Diva Award front…

Great practice this week. Very productive and enjoyable. The only moment that might qualify for the Award occurred while attempting yet again to work out the groove for a rather tricky passage in a new tune, which involves a 6/8 time signature floating over top a 4/4 back beat. The band ground away at the riff, going over and over and over it to ensure they were really nailing it (we have the guitarist to blame for this piece, but it’s going to be very cool. No, really). So determined was the singer not to in any way distract or deter the rest of the band from achieving their task, that she displayed unprecedented patience and silence while dutifully recording certain takes at the band’s request. After an indeterminable passage of time, the band was finally there. All the way through the 6/8, through to the straight 4/4 and – TADA! – into the verse at last!

For the first time since she’d made her rudimentary home recording of the melody over top of the guitarist’s original song sketch, she was gonna get to belt it out.

The drummer asked for the next full take of the structure to be recorded. The singer nearly flew over to the recorder and put it on standby. Then, just as she was about to hit record, he said…

“Without vocals, please.”

His request was entirely understandable, but she was so disappointed that she hardly said a word to anyone while hanging out after the session.

It was a lovely, summery afternoon. The bass player commented several times how nice it was to hear the birds singing in the trees for a change.

On an even brighter note, TJ came in from a break at one point and reported that he’d been treated to some live squirrel porn – one was apparently attempting to fellate another – and he didn’t even have to pay the monthly membership fee!

Don't get too close!

Like the rest of the band members, our drummer is a pretty affable guy. But every now and then, he sees fit to release his inner Diva. Yesterday was such an occasion.

Although he often encourages the band members to “refuel” by rocking out next to the drum kit, apparently there is a limit as to how close the other members should get.

“Don’t invade my space,” he snapped at the bass player, who had leaned in toward the drums, head stock veering dangerously close to the drummer’s head. Surprised, the bass player jumped back. This was not the end of it, however.

The drummer then leapt from his throne, magically producing a roll of masking tape from out of nowhere (he still won’t tell us how he did that), and began mapping out the boundary around the drum kit past which the rest of the band was not to step, a la Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati.

That would have been fine in itself, as we try to be tolerant and accommodating of each other’s needs. But his subsequent insistence that the rest of the band knock at the invisible door before addressing him was going too far.

Congratulations, Brian, on being this week’s Diva - and nice going, sneaking off after practice before we could take your picture. “Have to go to my mom’s,” he said. Yeah, sure. You didn’t take TJ’s PhotoShop skills into consideration, did you? Ha! Check the photos. It’s a masterpiece!

The Easy Big Fella Major General Award

We’ve started a new tradition! Every Sunday, following our weekly practice & writing session, one lucky band member will become the recipient of the Easy Big Fella Major General Award.

It all began when Brian arrived at the studio one Sunday with a small plaque that read, "Major General Award," that he'd found lying in the street. TJ took the plaque home, cleaned it up, affixed a rather stern photo of Tracy, and added the band's favourite catch phrase, "Easy Big Fella." It was then decided that the award would be given out each week to the band member who'd had the biggest diva moment during the session. Who will be next? Will it be Brian, for counting in a song only to stop abruptly when the band kicks in because he’s “just had an idea?” Or will it be Greg, for missing his cue because he was “rehydrating?” Be sure to tune in each week to catch all the drama!

And check our photos to see the award and its lucky recipients!

Ashbury  (over 5 years ago)

If we get to do a show with BTC, I can go to retirement completely fulfilled musically!!! WE HAVE GOT TO MEET AND SEE THIS BAND!!!