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You found us! WELCOME! Thank you for taking the time to listen. The spirit of Third Wheel Project is simple; play music that inspires and empowers people to grow in a positive direction.  The third wheel artist lineup is a group of artists from around the world, each hand picked for their own unique sound and gifts that they bring to the table as a collective whole.   A key focus in our travels is to inspire our youth to explore their creative tendencies. Be it through music or be it through visual design, be it through video editing or be it through writing, creative arts are important for the development of our society as a whole.  We is the artists of Third Wheel Project, desire to share a gift with the world in hopes of touching someone. Inspiration takes seed at any age.

A month ago, magic happened in the land of 10,000 lakes. World traveled artist and producer, Chris Snyder of Third Wheel Project, began creating music and performing with arguably the best female singer / songwriter of our time. It's a bold thing to say, but just you wait as her music speaks for itself. Nici has been compared as a female Bob Dylan with regards to her meaningful songwriting.  She has a variety of original music and covers ranging from Jonny Cash to The Temptations. Currently, Nici and Chris are on tour across Wisconsin and Minnesota, joined by TWP touring artist, Joel Kachel.  In the next 6 months, they have invites with plans to tour in Alaska, Arkansas, Austin TX, Florida, New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria. Nici and Chris recently started a new project named Firefly, an acoustical duo that bounces Nici's sweet country-prairie sometimes Patsy Cline'esque style with Snyder's Surfer Americana.  Throughout their performance, both take turns playing guitar, singing, harmonizing and their hand at percussion. It really is a captivating experience to witness these two musical spirits as one song.

Before leaving Minnesota and Wisconsin to head south to continue their tour, Nici and Chris have been asked to open for Bret Michaels in Minneapolis at the Pourhouse. They have also been approached about being a weekly acoustic act at the Belagio in Las Vegas!  Stay tuned and follow us at www.thirdwheelproject.com. You can book the Artists of Third Wheel Project on the website! Take the time to explore the site and share! We also have free Android and Apple APPS on the main home-page making it so easy to follow us and stream our music for free! One big shout out to our newest member of the TWP community, web-designer technical genius, Morgan Tuttle. Living in Austin Texas, Morgan took 10 years of my self produced websites, and in a month turned it into a fantastic hub for our collective projects.  Thank you good sir! Most Sincerely, Third Wheel Project www.thirdwheelproject.com email: picturealaska@me.com

700 miles in 10 hours

Song: "Meet Me In The Morning", Bob Dylan

It's weird to think that we played at Shanghi Bistro in Stillwater, MN last night and now, at 8:43 am, we just passed Peculiar, Missouri.. The wind is whipping, piles of bug guts on the windshield, and here I am-my butt is numb, my hair is a mess, and I'm sitting next to a gorgeous man who's been driving south for approximately 8 hours straight. You need to see Chris Snyder on his special caffeine cocktail. Im not allowed to disclose the ingredients but I assure you, its perfectly legal. Do I know that I am lucky to be sitting next to Superman? Let's just say I'm pretty blown away by such a special and entertaining soul... You know, when it's been this long and you ask him to roll his window up and he doesn't scream profanities, it's a pretty good match!   We came up with a new word:  Handlemabar mustache: a trucker mustache with extra curly q's for added poking or gripping power.  Chris is working on his. I am not.

       ( Sorry, had to take a quick break so Chris and I could practice our New York accents: "Some tool box from New Jersey stole my hubcaps!") 

Did you know?  Chris' favorite food is bacon.. "Is that Pork Smith?" "You mean, Fort Smith? " My rear only falls asleep on one side.

Little poetry from the road: (betcha can't guess who this is about..)

Boots on the dash, rain on the roof My baby's beside me, he's living proof That above the clouds and above the storm Theres a God moving,  tryin' to keep us warm

Full of joy, full of sun He's my love, he's my one I've searched this whole world round Just when I gave up that this could be found I heard his voice I had no choice But to lay down my heart

One last little thing before we sign off-   Note to Self: Check bathroom situation before ordering fast food.. Chris was about halfway through his first breakfast sandwich when he realized the only bathroom available to the employees was a porta potty (a rather unpleasant experience for anyone, as I'm sure you know.) The second breakfast sandwich ended up in the garbage. 

We finally made it to Flint Ridge and wow... What a beautiful place.. Chris' parents are absolutely wonderful- so kind. I feel like I'm in heaven :) Chris drove the whole way- he said the last 30 miles were the hardest but after sleeping for 16 hrs or so, we're again ready to rock and roll! 

Much love to all of you! Buckle up, buttercup :) Peace, love, and bug guts xoxoxoxo Fireflies unite!

Penned by Nici Peper Nici Peper and Chris Snyder

www.thirdwheelproject.com www.chrissnydermusic.com www.reverbnation.com/nicipeper

S Lounge

This is going out to our 2 followers not counting my mom :) Our show at S Lounge went well. The show was last minute as the band that was supposed to play cancelled only hours before the show. Cody and Mike missed it as they were already headed to the valley, however, Jonathan Germann and his twin brother Jason stepped up to the drums and bass and filled in rather perfectly not to mention it was their birthday too!!! We kept our sets on the acoustic / jazz side of things as the audience seemed to dig that style. Joel Kachel and his music blended well with the recent additions to the Third Wheel Project. I had the stage set up with the piano on stage right with a single conga on its stand to my left. To my right was my mac book pro which i had logic pro set up and running projects that we have been working on in the studio recordings to act as backing tracks. Drums sat in the back right with the bass just behind me. Lead guitar sat to my left leaving just enough room on the stage for 4 beers! It was a tight fit but we made it work! The sound at S Lounge was nice! It is always a plus to walk into a venue that has a sound system in place! Props! We will be back at S Lounge tonight rolling through our acoustic sets! Today we have planned a sit down interview with a reporter from the Anchorage Press publication. We hope to get a article on our shows and what TWP is to our community. Time for another cup of coffee :)

Live on Black Friday

Come join the artists of Third Wheel Project this Friday, November 26th for a night of live music, spanning 3 generations of singer songwriters. We will be at Als Alaska Inn from 10pm-2:30am rocking out! NO COVER but tip your bartender! For more information, check out our music blog up on www.thirdwheelproject.com! BE SAFE THIS THANKSGIVING! Chris

First Friday in Feb!

Come enjoy an evening with Third Wheel at Anchorage’s The Muse, located in the Museum downtown. Enjoy First Friday with music ranging from tasteful piano songs accompanied by the djembe and acoustic guitar, to heart sung feel-good songs that will leave you singing! The food is brought to you by the Marx Brothers, so be prepared for an evening that will dazzle your senses! Feb. 5th 2010 at 5:30pm!


I hope that this reaches you in time for my deadline. I am planning the biggest block party that Anchorage has ever seen with Future Reign and Rumrunners for August 22, 2009. After WED of this week, we are going to be sending out a cast call for bands and such to fill the time. I have 5 solid bands including my self which are already commited. rumrunners will be spending over 10,000 in radio ads for this event, and there will be a cover to get in which will be divided amongst the artists. This will be a great event! I was wondering if you would be interested in playing a 45 min set? Hit me up! Bands already ready to rock are: PILOT V, Third Wheel Project, The Dave Velasquez Band and Saturday Sleeper with a few more waiting in the wings. Hit me up soon if you want to be a part of this.

LIVE MUSIC this weekend!!!

Come down to Rumrunners Bar and Grill this Friday and Sat. night for a great line-up of music! Friday night will get started around 8pm and go until midnight. Ira Sellers, Andy Benton and a few un-announced musicians will be playing with Third Wheel Project. On Sat. night the evening will kick off around 7pm with music from Chris Snyder and Third Wheel Project. At 10pm, life time friend and musician, JC Holley will bring in his band, Pilot V for a couple sets of Alaskan Rock. Bring your friends and pick your night.... both will be off the hook! www.thirdwheelproject.com Chris

"Tip Toe"

Tip Toe-In’ Around Composed By: Chris & Chewy (C&C) www.thirdwheelproject.com Guitar Intro (8 bars)

Verse 1 We’ve got some neighbors---that live downstairs, Every time I see them---I get evil stares, The walls of our place---are paper thin, Even the slightest noise---sounds like some commotion,

Verse 2 They think we’re partying too loud, But we’re just trying to keep it down, Down below------we’re all up in their Sunday, That’s why we pay---a little more anyway,

Chorus They think we’re stompin’ But we’re tip toe-in’ around, They think we’re stompin’ But we’re tip toe-in’ around, (Softer) They think we’re stompin’ But we’re tip toe-in’ around, They think we’re stompin’ But we’re tip toe-in’ around,

Verse 3 They hear Chesty---chasin’ his tail, Around in a circle motion down below, Look at my clock---5 minutes past, They think it must be---a Wild Moose running past,

Verse 4 But no---these walls are paper thin, And the sound---it just---decides to descend The walls are like paper below, The walls feel