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The man behind the music

Born and raised in Chicago, IL Runeld Williams aka Sadius Nag was immersed in music by his uncle DJ E. From a young age listening to his uncle lay out tracks for shows and listening to his grandfathers jukebox imagining being on stage performing his favorite songs, a seed was planted. So from the beginning music was a passion and no matter where he was in life it was his salvation. At the age of 12 advise from a close friend and a push from his uncle would take him from music being an emotional escape to music being a craft he was passionate about. Listening to only beats day and night and not the radio staying up to date with music trends wasn't a concern. His mind at times filled with 4 to 5 songs all in different stages of development with many not even having a beat or melody, his memory became his best vise. This freedom from pen and paper structure would develop into the creative way Sadius does tracks freestyling sort of speak until a verse is done. A creative lyrical structure shared by Lil Wayne himself. "I remember rushing home and writing for 2 to 3 hours all the songs I had in my head hoping I didn't forget or switch bars from lyrics which was a nightmare" Sadius heavily influenced by Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and Mike Shinoda, he developed a quicker paced flow and wrote via syllable instead of words. Trying to follow the natural rhythms of the melodies in the beats instead of trample through the bass line proved to be a task that still to this day he works to improve. But as an artist Sadius is set apart from others by not only that but his drive to make unforgettable music that blends genres. To make timeless classics like Snoop and Dre's "California Love" or Pearl Jams "Alive". Sadius Nag isn't afraid to push the limits, experiment and speak his mind on a track. Every track being a discovery since he purposely tries to flow differently each time, so nothing is predictable or expected. As stated by Sadius himself "I wanna be that guy that half way through a verse when I rip off on a bar you go, God Dayummm!" With a background in business and graphic design Sadius is not only an artist but an entrepreneur and runs his own independant promotion and marketing company titled VAE, standing for Vivid Artistry Enterprises. Also Sadius works as lyrical and marketing adviser to Yung Ace, Cashaddict Nell, C4, The Higher Tone Series and TOBG. Associated with his uncles company Wax Cutta Music, this young up and comer is due to make some big waves in the coming months. With goals as an artist to grow the Sadius Nag brand and to lay the foundation through sucess and networking as a performer to further his business endeavors into starting a company dedicated to assisting underground artists in funding their music careers. To date Sadius Nag has put out an album titled "The Livid Mind", a compilation mixtape titled "The Spectrum", won Coast 2 Coast's industry mixer showcase in Milwaukee,WI and is in the production phases of webshow "Riding with Deezy" which will be a weekly show where local artists will be showcased and interviewed in his own car. This year you can look forward to the release of the much anticipated "Illi-Noiz" mixtape with the hit single "Crank Me Up".

Sadius Nag can be found online at: Soundcloud.com/sadius-nag Soundcloud.com/sadius Reverbnation.com/sadiusnag @sadiusnag Facebook.com/sadius.nag Facebook.com/sadius.nag.pon

Coast 2 Coast madness

in preparations for the show june 20th at 618 live on the water it has been a crazy hell storm of things. merchandise hold ups, studio searching, computer crashing data loss and lack of propper funding but ya boy is fasure to make it through and give you guys a million times what you expect at the show peace.

The origins of the name

Everyone I meet and network with has asked me this simple question..... "What does your name mean?". So after being asked this for the millionth time I decided it's time to make it known to everyone why I go by the unique name of "Sadius Nag". 13 years ago a 10 year old boy obsessed with japanese anime, hip hop, sci-fi movies and the idea of being something more then the boring unknown child he was thought what better to do then to make an alter ego. The alter ego would be everything he wasn't and more so the character Sadius Nagasaki Mohavey was born. The name was derived from the greek god of the underworld Hades who as a child I saw portrayed as the cool, suave, powerful and cunning brother of Zeus in the movie Hercules. Sadius is nearly immortal not from this universe in equivalents stronger faster and smarter than any comic book hero, god or anything of the sort. In the most plain simplest terms he is a god of gods who is only a young prince and who's race are all just as strong. Smart, cunning, headstrong, young and admired. This character was created as a young child but was an alter ego that soon went from a separate part of my personality to my personality as a whole. No longer the unknown I am Sadius Nag young slick mouth lyracist from Chicago, IL confident suave and owns the stage everytime my presence is requested.

Why I Like My Afton Shows

The founders of Afton are probably the smartest people in the business. There are countless local bands and artists trying to get their time in the spotlight and Afton provides that, free local shows that bring attention to not only the artists but also the venue. So Afton sets up a win win scenario for everyone. I'd personally like to thank the founder and my local rep for helping me to book several shows that were a complete success. I will recommend anyone who is serious about music and performing to sign up with Afton.

Loving the crowd

last week at Bobby McGee's lit the crowd up with a nice array of lyrical songs and some songs to get them buck with. Can't wait til the next show.

Studio with 1 way out

Day in day out in the studio if not in the studio in the car listening to nothing but beats never listen to the radio not up to date on whos doing what in music or whats the new buzz o the streets about celebrities. Only concerned about what im doing and where im going so until ive perfected my songs its a 1 track mind ima have and thats the key to my success.


Made the song Get Away in a closet at my fiances old house for a radio competition that i got serious about entering late and rushed to get it done no practice just raw in the booth lyrics not even memorized and on top of that had to right a quick verse for my brother Dmillz because he hadnt wrote one yet so i wrote the whole song intro, chorus and all the verses. The song to me didnt come out how i wanted to at all but then i started to like it as it grew on me but this song has jumped me thousands of spots in all categories and in some genres several tens of thousands of spots. just wait til people hear the re-recorded version of Get Away they're gonna flip. Ya boi Saideezy signing out. Pce

Hitting the ground running

Last hit 2003 last song recorded 2005 from 2005 to 2007 took a break from music and just wrote lyrics and downloaded beats cant tell you how many beats i have on ipods cds and on the computer and how many notebooks of lyrics. 2008 hits and i start hitting the pad harder with a newly revamped since of direction and inspiration. 2009 starting to feel my flow and ghost spit to the songs on the radio. Mid 2009 give up on writing and start using whats in my head finding a place in the house to free/write verbally, which turns out to be the bathroom. 2010 start using connections and sharing lyrics with the already established. Take feedback and use it to re construct. Now 2011 first track written not even in my comfort zone but well within my capabilities is a local hit. I'm on the ground wheels spinning at 7000 rpm ready to catch traction and leave all the doubters and haters in the dust. This here... is My Time!