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New blood is tasty!

It's no secret-Dirty Dakotas are looking for fresh blood. We need a guitar player,more than one would be nice. So we can start exploring new musical territory. We're not locked into a sound-just a vibe,a vibe to rock,to groove,to make real music that's creative,dynamic and speaks from inside us into the people. We need people that play pretty well to do this,cause it goes without saying that anyone who only has rudimentary skills like our beloved singer Steph won't do us much good at this point. So if you are farther along thatn her in your playing please do drop us a line so we can try out some new music,make the older tunes sound better and continue this crazy ride. Also,our man Strom who has been awesome on drums has lots of other musical projects that are going to be amping up in the coming year that he needs to direct his attention on,so we REALLY need someone closer to home who can put in the time and creative energy to Dirty Dakotas that will bring about the creative explosion we are looking to have. If you have the chops get in touch with us now! With the right people in place on guitar and drums,Chris locking in on bass,and Steph being freed up to take over vocals without the eight of guitar duties this band will have no limits. So don't hesitate,contact us now,or spread the word if you know of anyone. Thanks all! And remember,Chris and Steph still play out as a duo for the more intimate Dirty Dakotas sound,so look out for those shows always.

Just when thought music was safe...

...it shouldn't be. So we're sitting back watching safe bands get safer and bands who think they are cutting edge get more predictable. Where do Dirty Dakotas fit in? We have no clue. Somewhere in your head where all your screaming,in between awake and dreaming thoughts collide at 3am. We kind of like it there. Somehow set apart from cover bands and bar room crackling ice,or the ones trying way too hard to be different and managing only to look "nuts". but who's to say. We're most likely "crazy" too. So be it. Crazy seems to be quite comfortable and the music,which is what we are putting out there for you,is pretty true to our form and function. It is pretty close to the chest. We're coming back people. Not like we ever went anywhere. But in a literal sense we have not played any shows as of late due to Steph's surgery. She is on the mend so we will be writing new material. We're on the prowl for some interesting and talented,dedicated cats who can rage on the guitar but not against us,and also on the drums so we have someone in the ILM to play shows when our man Storm is busy with his other commitments.

Are you out there people? Are you listening? Do you want to be in? Or are you gonna wimp out,grab that light beer and catch the latest cover band show and tune out? We dare you to tune in...