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New Logo and Contest!

From Chase Entertainment: I have in my hot little hands (well...email) the brand spanking new Steve Hamende logo for 2015...BUT (yall knew it wasn't going to be THAT easy)...I have a TWO part challenge. His fan page has grown over the past couple of weeks by simply spreading the word about #SteveHamendeMusic. I think we can do even better. I will share the new logo once YOU guys help his page hit 800 likes!!!! We are 93 likes away so go to his page, select the invite your friends option and get to clicking. Share share share and let's help make 2015 the BEST year ever for the boys. The second part is whoever gets the most likes for the page by midnight on Sunday gets a PRIZE!!!!!! (have them come over to the Chase Entertainment FB page and comment on this post to tell us who sent them). Yall got some work to do so get to it!

What being an artist means to me

Music is my passion, not only as a career but enjoying it as a fan as well. I've played and sung professionally and semi-professionally for the past 19 years, but grew up singing and knowing that it would always play a strong role in life. This industry is tough, but I refuse to give up because this is my dream and I get to live it every day. Music is more to me than just notes and lyrics. I feel every emotion in every song I perform, and that translates to making a strong connection with my audience. I believe that every live show should take my audience on an emotional roller coaster ride that makes them feel something real. I miss the days when music meant something. It's not that I don't appreciate the newer artists such as Cody Johnson, Wade Bowen, Kyle Park but I miss the days when I could turn on any country radio station and hear hours of great music by artists that made you FEEL what they were singing. I know there are a few songs that have touched me, like Jamey Johnson's In Color. That song reminds me so much of my grandpa that passed away, and honestly I get choked up every time I hear. It's probably my favorite song to perform. I think that my music reaches out to people in the same way. EVERY song on my album "Big News From Nowhere" was recorded because it means something to me. I can assure you that no songs were picked just because I had to have more material to fill time. Playing bass and singing background vocals for artists such as Rick Trevino, Wade Hayes, Heath Wright, and Trent Willmon put me in front of large, high priority audiences. I believe that this has also had a good effect on the artist that I am today. Being a part of their shows and watching them interact with their audiences has molded me into a better performer on so many levels.

Big News From Nowhere

The time has come for err'body to go download/order the album!!! You can do that at www.cdbaby.com/cd/stevehamende

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! I'll also be uploading it to my reverbnation page soon so that you can listen here as well (just in case you leave your copy in the other car)..... Shop away, Slackers!!! And happy New Year!!!

Random thoughts

It's been a great, albeit tiring year so far. Trying to balance live shows and resting up enough to finish "Big News From Nowhere" has been nothing short of exhausting both physically and monetarily. The good news is that it's ALMOST done!! A huge THANK YOU to everyone that has stood by me and supported what I do!! It means the world to me that some folks out there share my vision!

New album

Hey Slackers! Heading into the studio Aug 9 to start the new project!! I'm excited to say that it'll be about 80% all original! Title track is called "The Big News from Nowhere". Look for it to drop on the market some time in the early part of next year!!

New tunes available for download!!

Hey there y'all. The time has come for you to download Pancakes. That's right, Err body likes Pancakes!! Do It!!