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Beth in London with Benny D

Feb 12, 2012 Working on 3rd track with Benny.

Beth in London with Benny D

Working on my 3rd track with Benny D xxxx

Beth working with BDM - Benny D

After several meetings with the highly talented producer and songwriter Benny D, of BDM Music, Beth Flanagan as well as Shannon Mares www.shannonmares.co.uk (recording one track) will be working with Benny. Finesse Girlband are also in discussions with BDM. Beth (www.bethflanagan.co.uk) surprised Benny yesterday with her vocal ability and tough, this is me approach. Beth has been under my wing (www.georginasings.co.uk) for 8 months and has developed so well. She has had photoshoots, recorded original and covers, as well as performing all over the UK. www.youtube.com/bethpheonixx Beth and Shannon, are through to the regional final of Live and Unsigned next sunday at The willows, in Salford. It will be a great show. Both artists have great original songs (see their websites) and are performing with dancers. I am so proud of Finesse, Shannon and Beth (also known of Pheonix) they have been working so hard and all deserve a great career in the industry. Watch this space for more news. OOh and don’t forget to join Shannon’s and Beth’s reverb nation sites, to watch all their recent video’s and stay up to date. Their live and unsigned video’s are on there. www.reverbnation.com/bethpheonix www.reverbnation.com/shannonmares www.reverbnation.com/finessegirlband

Live & Unsigned !

Get yourself down to Live & Unsigned on the 8th May, you'll regret missing it !


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