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What's next??

Strep and pink eye all in one shot?! Really??! Did I do something wrong and karma is getting me back? Lol.. I'm not sure but I'll be glad when I'm back on top and able to finish this album! I was online this morning working on my store! I'm very excited! T-shirts, music, ringtones and more!! I also received confirmation that my app is up and running! A lot of things are in store... But my first priority, is my health. Stay tuned!!


There will be many "firsts" coming up in my life. Starting in the next couple weeks and going until the end of the year.. and beyond. At least a couple of these "firsts" will turn out to be MAJOR life changers! I'm excited for what IS coming and even more excited for what WILL be coming, that I'm unaware of at this point. Thanks for ALL of the support and I thank GOD for promising never to leave my side! STAY TUNED FOR WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT! Remember the name JayBry, because I will remember you as this journey begins...