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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain)

Quite a few changes have happened in the Mines of Paris camp recently:

1) After graduating, we went our seperate ways and thought we had seen the last of the Mines of Paris days. However, we decided to preserver and continue rocking and rolling in a new home of southern New Hampshire

2) Because of this change, our drummer, and great friend Joey Freeman could no longer continue drumming for MoP. In his place, we recruited a new drummer, Rob Box, who has been a great friend of Josh's for many years...

A lot of exciting things are happening... Hope you follow along and enjoy the ride.


Hey! Just an update on our upcoming releases, they are just about done being mixed and are about to be mastered. After many hold-ups, Go Play Outside, is still on its way...


Hey... Here is a blog...