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We're all in this together

Just got back from my local smoke shop which is run by a Muslim. We talked a bit. i asked if he or his family had suffered any negative repurcussions following the Paris attacks. Mercifully, they haven't. Then he teared up. "I love you, brother." He said. "Thank you so much for checking in on us." He paused. "I hate them...... I am scared of them. I am scared of what they are doing to all of us. They're monsters" "So let's not let them win." I replied. We shook hands and he pulled me in for a hug. I know he's Muslim. He knows I'm not....... and it doesn't matter to either of us.......and we're not going to let them win.

GridLogic  (over 4 years ago)

I like this!

The Prophetic Message: Samhain edition

This may be my last regular post for a while. As of Monday, November 3rd, I will be homeless. I am currently tying up loose ends and preparing for what promises to be a potentially very difficult period in my life. While I do have some short-term options available to me, I am uncertain of what will happen after that. I want to thank everyone who has already contributed, particularly as I have been tight-lipped about the severity of the situation. Additional, I want to thank all who have reposted my links, sent me encouragement and the like. It has not been for nothing and it has not fallen on deaf ears. I am not done. This is not the end of my story. I have too much left to do….. http://www.gofundme.com/morrisonsprophecy

The Thing I do Not Want to Do

If I were to tell you that "Geistmusik" is an album that has been nearly 20 years in the making, you might think thy I am prone to exaggeration. Truth be told, 20 yeas is actually a conservative estimate. I am not yet prepared to call this my "magnum opus", but I can assure you that it my most personal and impassioned work to date. It is an album that I never expected to be able to write: an examination of the darkest and most broken parts of my soul. The album chronicles my upbringing in and exodus from Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity. It is a stark treatise on the effects of Religious Abuse. It is (hopefully) an anthem for those who, like me, remained silent for fear of ridicule. I am now at the cusp of finally completing this album, but the emotional and financial strain of its composition and recording have left me on the verge of utter collapse. I have suffered numerous financial setbacks, endured physical and mental health issues and am left with no recourse but to ask for your help. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/MorrisonsProphecy

The Hard Truth

You don’t just “Leave”. You can’t simply walk away and brush it off. Everything you thought you knew has been torn asunder. Reality itself is some horrid mockery of what you always knew to be “The Truth" White may as well be black, Up has become down and what you were once so sure was the absolute truth now burns in your soul and screams that you have been told the Ultimate Lie. There is no safe place for you. You can’t go back because of your shame. You have no friends who can understand. You are alone, empty- an exile in a world that is as completely alien to you as you are to it. You are mocked by the Church for not having the Faith to Endure and told that “The Devil has gotten a hold of you”. You are ridiculed by those on the outside for ever having belied those “Fairy Tales”. You are the victim of nothing short of Spiritual Rape and both Religious and Secular society point the finger of blame squarely at you. You are too scared to say this for fear that no one will understand. You feel that you have no voice. It is time someone spoke up for you. For me. For US. http://www.reverbnation.com/morrisonsprophecy/song/20946979-rosecross

The Unspeakable Birthday

To celebrate the birthday of HP Lovecraft, I have hidden an obvious (albeit moderately obscure) reference to the Mythos in my bio. Think you can spot it? Find the "Easter Egg" and win a prize.... http://www.reverbnation.com/morrisonsprophecy

The Dreaming

Dreaming Comics is, to me, just as much a part of Seattle as The Space Needle, Coffee and The Underground City. They were the first retail outlet to carry my music. As such, they will always be part of my personal and professional history. More than that, Aron Tarbuck is one of my best friends on the planet. He helped me follow my dreams, now it's time to help him follow his. (Music by Morrison's Prophecy) http://t.co/E2bqSgwli5 ‪#‎gofundme‬


To celebrate the weekend (which in and of itself is worth celebrating- no official holiday needed), Morrison's Prophecy (in conjunction with Hunger and Bills) bring you this SPECIAL OFFER: This weekend only, our debut album "The Alchemical Process" is just $1*. Yes, the whole 13-track album. Just follow the link below and have a great weekend from the Catacombs of the Seattle Underground! *You can pay more if you'd like. We won't argue. http://morrisonsprophecy.bandcamp.com/album/the-alchemical-process


Unwoman is not only one of my favorite "Steampunk" acts, Erica is one of my favorite people. I had the honor of playing following her performance at Steamcon in Bellevue last year. We had a conversation in which I was able to thank her for inspiring my daughter to pursue Cello. Though sharing a stage with a talent of this caliber was incredible, that feeling can not eclipse the light I saw in her eyes when I told her that my daughter plays her instrument of choice BECAUSE of her. Erica: I'd just like you to know that as a father, a musician and a human being, I will be forever indebted to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an inspiration to my daughter and to daughters everywhere. Love, Respect and Admiration from the Catacombs of the Seattle Underground. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUjODc7uRi0

Fine. You win.

Alright.....here's the deal. I am REALLY GOOD at composing music. Seriously. No, I'm not bragging...... I've finally accepted that all of you who have told me this are right and I have not been allowing myself to realize that, yes, I'm really fucking good. A Lot of musicians feel the same way, I'm sure: "My friends tell me I'm good because they are my friends." "That guy at the show was really drunk, so I sounded better to him". "I really don't do that much, honestly." "I suppose I'm okay, but I'm not as good as so and so" ETC Well screw that.... I give up. I agree with everyone who's told me I'm good. So if you haven't checked it out yet..... hear what other people have tuned into, but *I* was too insecure to realize..... Thank you all for beating this message into my thick skull PS: This is just the tip of the iceberg......... http://morrisonsprophecy.bandcamp.com/releases

Solstice Update -or- "So where the hell is this new album?"

I will make no excuses for the delay in the release of "Geistmusik". It was due last year and it has still not been released. The album has been a bitter and painful thing for me. I am delving into recesses of my psyche which have been locked away for nearly 20 years. I am examining old wounds and scars and laying myself bare, broken and flayed on this album. This is "Kevin".....not "The Reverend Worlock Kevin J Byrne Esq"..... this is just "me", flawed, damaged and broken. "Geistmusik" is a mix of Queensryche's "Operation: Mindcrime" and "The Plaguemass" by Diamanda Galas: It is "Morrison's Prophecy" stripped bare and bleeding. It is not intended to be "Easy Listening". It WILL offend. It WILL hurt and (for those of you who, like me, suffer the scars of religious trauma), it WILL be revelatory. . I do not say these things lightly, nor as an excuse for the delay. I only ask that you understand that each track on this album was wrought with my blood, sweat and tears.