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Tracy Woody TV and Radio being featured...

Tracy Woody TV Radio @TracyWoody_TV being featured in the following Articles and list: 12/28/14 Photography Daily News: http://paper.li/RAFAPhotos/1308258702 *** 12/4/14 Tracy Woody TV and Radio featured in Reigning Begans at http://paper.li/ReigningVegans/1396381496 *** 11/16/14 Thanks for the add to list niume_official/superb-artists **** 11/13/2014 added to list Dystopic101/vegan-food-and-lifestyle *** On 11/2/14 to getRealAs/stars *** getRealAs/conversationalist **** getRealAs/aus-real-estate-friends lists Triple Thanks for the support! Sincerely, Tracy Woody LTC Records Follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/TracyWoody_TV @TracyWoody_TV htp://www.tracywoody.net http://www.tracywoody.com

LTC Records features Tracy Woody music and Tracy Woody TV and Radio Show

LTC Records features Tracy Woody's music Brand and The Tracy Woody Radio and TV Show News @TracyWoody_TV is thankful to be added to the following lists on twitter: SubtvMusic/superb-singers projectgigit/incredible-songwriters famous Producer and Director Twitter: @TracyWoody_TV Tracy Woody music and TV and Radio FB: https://www.facebook.com/TracyWoodyTVRadio Artist FB: https://www.facebook.com/tracywoody Purchase Tracy Woody's music: http://www.tracywoody.net/Singer-Songwriter-Raleigh-NC.html Amazon: Other sites including Amazon, itunes,.. listed at www.reverbnation.com/tracywoody Official Tracy Woody music Brand and Tracy woody Radio and TV Show websites: www.tracywoody.net www.tracywoody.com -LTC Records

LTC Records features Tracy Woody's News #1 RN Dance Thankfulness!

LTC Records features Tracy Woody's music with Superb Producers released her EPs in upwards of 224 countries digitally downloadable including Woody's Music Monster videos featuring her tracks Sweet Beat of Love with Studio Pros as Producers and Your Love Remix III with System Err0r as Producer are Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, and on LTC Records official Tracy Woody TV and Radio and Music Brand site http://www.tracywoody.net/Singer-Songwriter-Raleigh-NC.html at the Official site http://www.tracywoody.net as well. Woody is an Executive Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Academy member - Grammy's, Hollywood Music in Media Showcase Coordinator, Executive TV and Radio Director and Producer, and On Air Host and Personality of The Tracy Woody TV and Radio Show. Woody is thankful to be added to the projectgigit/incredible-songwriters list on twitter, and was invited to post tweets of her music to FIFA World Cup Fans which was an honor and a lot of fun. As of early August 2014 Woody is thankful for being an over 2 years and 7 mos. #1 Local RN Dance Chart Artist, #1 on both National US and Global RN charts for over 3 weeks previously and on August 1, 2014 Woody was again thankful to reach #9 National US and #15 Globally Dance on RN Chart Artist which site has over 3.5 Million. Thanks for the Support worldwide!

Sweet Beat of Love has increased in Game Play stats to over 400,000

"MusicMonstersGame Check out what I just did playing #SweetBeatOfLove by @tracywoody in #MusicMonsters pic.twitter.com/ugiNQIEeYB" Thanks! Follow us on twitter @ltcrecordsinfo and @tracywoody

Tracy Woody's #1 Locally, USA, & Globally!!!

In June Tracy Woody's music with Superb Producers reached #1 for 22 months, and for 3 weeks each #1 Nationally USA and #1 Globally. Thanks for the support!

June 20 -Tracy Woody On TV to 5 Million viewers!

Tracy Woody's Your Love Remix ON TV to be aired on MMTV Network to 5 Million on June 20 at 5:00 PM EST on Cablevision Channel 67, TimeWarner Channel 34, RCN Channel 42, & Verizon Fios channel 82.

Tracy Woody over 3.57 Million Music Channel views!

In June Tracy Woody with Superb Producers are very Excited for over 3.57 Million views of her music channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/sho pofdeal for her Your Love Remix III with System Err0r as Producer and her over 1.2 Million views of Your Love Remix with Soul Seekerz as Producer and her over 450,000 views of her Sweet Beat of Love Music Game video! Thank God! Wow Wee! For updates: Please Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/user/shopofdeal and Please Download Woody's Music Monsters Game App for FREE at http://bit.ly/Wj82zt

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Available on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/arti st/tracy-woody/id423607014

LTC Records announces Tracy Woody has accepted her Tracy Woody TV Broadcasting Network Show where she will be coordinating the Hollywood Music in Media Show, videos, her music with Superb Producers and of many other Talented Artists and interviews to millions! Updates will be at http:/www.reverbnation.com/trac ywoody and HMMA link at: https://www.facebook.com/Hollyw oodMusicinMediaShowcaseRaleighNc

Thanks and Stay Tuned for the TV Show!

Tracy Woody's iPhone Game App videos have reached over 2 Million views. Please view Your Love Remix at http://youtu.be/xaLM5xnokiA and Sweet Beat of Love videos at http://www.youtube.comwatch? v=VnjX944B0g0 & Download Woody's Music Game App for FREE at http://bit.ly/Wj82zt

Thank you for all the support! Hope to See you in Hollywood, on TV, and/or a local event!

LTC Records Follow us on twitter @ltcrecordsinfo and @tracywoody

We hit #1 on iPhone Music Game Chart.... Thanks!

We hit # 1 on iPhone music game chart cause we’ve got tunes from @tracywoody Check it out! Your Love Remix III at http://youtu.be/xaLM5xnokiA and Sweet Beat of Love Music Game video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnjX944B0g0 and Join the fun! ... Download the FREE Music Game App at at http://bit.ly/Wj82zt Thanks!

Tracy Woody Wins the Dance Category Hollywood Music in Media Award

Tracy Woody is Thankful to Jehovah God (Psalms 83:18) for all her blessings including Winning the Dance category 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, to HMMA, my operaretic tone mom, family, Producer Soul Seekerz Simon Langford, all of my Producers, RN, Jango, FB, and twitter fans, Radio, Magazine, and so many other supporters! Congratulations to all the Nominees and Winners in the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Award Show at http://www.hmmawards.org/?page_id=545 Thanks for the support!

Tracy Woody Nominated 2 Times for Hollywood Music in Media Award

Tracy Woody's "Nothing Comes Close to You" with NAO2 producer from her Light of Love EP and "Your Love Remix" with Soul Seekerz from Tracy Woody EP has been nominated for a Hollywood's Music and Media Award! This prestigous event honored Smokey Robinson last year! She has also accepted the Showcase Coordinator position for Raleigh, NC with HMMA. She and her team are reviewing RPK's and EPK's for consideration of performing in these Showcases. Interested Artist, fans, etc.updates will be found at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/HollywoodMusicinMediaShowcaseRaleighNc Thanks for the support!