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Comments from White Lion Gig

So the first gig with new bassist Dawson happened on Friday night. There was no actual stage and the band payed in a room in the bar, with people cramming in the room, lining up to the door and blocking the bar to see them. The opening number, a cover of the Stiff Little Fingers "Wasted Life" made it clear from the outset that the band were in top form and dragging punk music out loud and proud. There were less covers than usual, with band focussing on showcasing new material, whilst showing a new, more invigorated push to the likes of "Forever, Forever" and "Town Called Hell". Finishing the night off with favourite singalong "Fire, Water, Burn" and then a dark, aggressive cover of the Cranberries (yes, thats right, no shoes) "Zombie" the crowd were left happy with their lot. No encore followed, however with the temperture in the small room it was probably a good thing. The band felt the gig went smoothly and their sound was tight, mixing levels could have been better, but given the small size of the venue the backline was the only amps for the guitars and bass so no direct control could be taken. That and Nick "I Dont know how to play quieter" bringin his damn loud kit led to a disagreemetn with the manager over what was an acceptable level of volume (11?) but all things considered the whole gig was an enjoyable outing into the land of punk. Be sure to attend teh anti royal wedding gig at teh Engine Rooms on 29th April and keep your eyes peeled to the sites for the band to see where to catch us next. Be excellent to each other!


Justtrying to set up this page, bear with us and all will be rockin! New bass player, new sound, new gigs comin soon. Awesome