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Wats up everybody?! Im getting alot of plays and new fans i appreciate the love! Im currently working on my next effort due this coming summer its titled 'BIG BREAK DETROIT' taking my time with this so i hope u all enjoy!!

Cold Steel Vodka

I did this song in hopes that the Cold Steel Vodka would take notice an like what I did. If not its still a short cool party song that I hope you all enjoy.

Facebook Fan Page

I have collected 125 Reverb Fans an would like to have more.But for now I'll take the 125 fans I do have,an ask them to 'LIKE' my Facebook Fan Page www.facebook.com/stevencash79 Thank you in advance an keep your eyes open for the Official 'In My D Hat' Video as well as new music....Powered by Fatal Ovadose Records, and Time Is Money Ent.


Put up a new video 2day more 2 come once I get all the material so for now enjoy the new single....


Click the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/CAH/151576118229362 hear the NEW SINGLE 'IN MY D HAT'

2012 is poppin

Whats good people?! I have been working hard an it finally paid the new single 'In My D Hat' is done album soon to follow.No BS from me this year the mixed tape was pushed to the side so I could give my fans a good complete album.Thanx 4 the support an you wont be disappointed with the material,trust me.


Just added a lil video 4 the enjoyment of the page. Stay on the lookout for more Im adding stuff every week. CA$H AVE.

Than You

I want to thank everyone who has become a friend, and a fan over the last week. My position has grown faster than I thought it would. With that said, I have more songs, n videos coming so please keep hitting that share button, like button, n fan button I appreciate all the support. CA$H AVE.


Working hard on the mixtape