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Where's the heart?

Growing up with the "British Invasion" and all the great songs that flooded our existence,I can't help but wonder,with great sadness,what happened to the minds and hearts of musicians in the past 25-30 years? Musicians used to care so much about our world,so much so that music forced the hand of powerful political foot-draggers to end the vietnam war,push civil rights to the forefront,reshape an entire world,simply by using music to open the eyes of a concerned populace and stir them and the politicos to listen. Now we've become too sophisticated,too greedy,too "educated",and much too concerned about making sure you're no.1 in everything,to care about the world as a whole.We have 2 wars going on,an economy eclipsed in its horror only by the Great Depression,children committing murders,gov't intrusions into every facet of our lives,corruption on a mammoth scale.....and where are the "outraged musicians"?....everywhere except in the center of it all.Where are their voices? Say what you want about the 60's and early to mid-seventies...joke about it in your ignorance,but if this shit was happening then,you'd have college campuses shut down,millions would be in the streets frequently demanding change...and in not so subtle ways!...and at the center and cause of all the protests were gifted musicians who cared enough to sing about it and urge people to rise up.To put it simply,musicians and music in general today is weak,uninspired,meaningless and barely qualifies as an art form...its spineless.It fluctuates from being meaningless to outrageously stupid.(Lady Gaga,one example)"shock" music isn't rebellion to a better thing.Its just plain stupid!These so-called "activists" don't sing or preach for a better world...they preach from their own selfish wants and desires...not the overall good.They have their own selfish agendas and mask it in "hope for a better world" crap. There was a lot of hypocrisy among some activists of the 60's,but the genuine movement proved itself as valid,successful and critical to a better world.What happened since and continues to happen is heartbreaking beyond words....and the musical community needs to take a big share of the blame.................luv always

Janet Snow/songwriter
Janet Snow/songwriter  (over 7 years ago)

AMEN! Brotha!

Janet Snow

Jose Carlos Agustin CHARLY
Jose Carlos Agustin CHARLY  (about 5 years ago)

You are completely true my friend...unfortunately the world is crazy....but there always some people like me and you to fight for what is right...greetings