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The Law is the Law

The Law is the Law! For the past couple of years, i would say i have purchased one Krazy Bone cd, although i do have an extensive collection of music. Now days, I pay so much attention to my own music to assure myself that there is no outside influences. I believe the majority of people that buy cd's are high school and college students. Lets admit it together, that cd sells out of the corner record store, i'm sure are seeing a decrease ever sense i tunes. Is it bye bye best buy? When I was younger, i thought most of us had to buy compact discs, unless you wanted to attempt the 5 finger discount. I think we all know where that leads. I feel the law will take where they can, and people take when they can. It is usually the law that ends up with both bags of cash, so its not usually worth it. Offenders or "downloaders" can expect a hefty term of 5 years and fines from 250,000 to 1.3 million dollars. The more songs that are downloaded, your fine will increase. Its almost like having an illegal pistol. One will get you 5. Survey Says? Guilty as charged. For repeat offenders, i am sure they will find every little fine to apply to the charge. For statistics about and more on charges and penalties you can visit http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2008/feb08/02-13MSIPSurveyResultsPR.mspx . A thief is a thief and you can take that to the tank. The more i contemplate on this issue and who it affects, I see greed. The world is full of it. I think that in order to receive you have to learn to be a giver. As an artist, we work very hard and diligently on projects that take away from others. It is not easy living from hotel to hotel for months at a time. Missing your child's birthday and missing holidays with families, to my knowledge, has never been stated in a contract. You have got to understand. There are artist out there that sacrifice thing that you might take for granted. According to ehow.com, In 2002, 803 million cd's were sold. This was 80 million fewer cd's than 2001. That is a decrease of 10.0375%. For entertainment as a whole, such as dvd's, video games and music, it is at a decrease of 20% in that year. The numbers do not get any better. You can read about more statistics here: http://www.ehow.com/facts_illegal-music-downloading-effects.html I feel that with all the knowledge in this industry, we should be able to come up with a sort of security device embedded inside a program. It would be able to detect when it was downloaded at the time of purchase and will allow so many downloads after. If an individual attempts to download past a certain amount of times, file will read corrupted. This was just a thought of mine in which i have no capabilities in creating such technology. All in all, I feel the industry will still be on the profit side of the fence. How many people you think steal from the almighty Wal-mart? I am sure Mr. Walton's family is doing just fine. What it all boils down to is, a thief is a thief. No matter what the value or importance of an object you take, you are still a thief. People may call a small lie a white one, but it can affect more than what you know

Negative Media

Personally, I believe that media is a big part of who we are. The media provides not only a sense of adventure and a platform for imagination, but it is also very informative in the growing aspect of life. Needless to say, media as a whole, is very influential. Regulations i believe are there to control what we might become immune to. There will always be loopholes and boundaries pushed as long as we are human. Some statistics foun say the average number of TV homes was 109.6 million in 2003. Also, children spend on average, four hours a day watching TV. Thats 1, 460 hours a year. There is 24 hrs in a day, minus 8 hrs for sleeping, gives you 16 hours a day. Children are giving up 1/4 of there day to learn how to be influenced or persuaded one way or the other. They learn about what we should look like, what to wear, who to like or dislike, and how far we can push curiosity. There will always be the question "Was that a little to far?". In pushing those boundaries, i feel that as long as there are adult programs, there will always be a teenager or younger child that finds a way to watch it. In my opinion, sometimes they go too far knowing who the majority of the watchers are. This really puts obstacles in the way of who your child is to be as an adult. Leonard Eron, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Michigan, found television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence. Another kid that I mentor, even today, his mother would put his feet in boiling water. As a child this created a number of issues that would stall him from knowing what he needs to learn to survive in todays society. You can put the FCC or the FTC or whoever you want, to regulate or argue otherwise, when it is the parents responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. It is also the parents responsibility to prepare that child for what he may have questions for. The Children's Media Policy Coalition, the "CMPC" stated the conclusion is not that media violence is the sole cause of aggression in children, but that the depiction of violence in media is one factor potentially contributing to the risk that children will suffer a number of harmful effects. When there is a white, there is a black. We will never be able to shelter our children from what they see on a daily basses right in there back yard. If the exposure to violence on television is only 10%, that is still a percentage of why people have experience the loss of a loved one. I believe the media dose have an affect on society, but as adults we should know how to process what we take in. According to Craig Anderson a professor and former chair of the Psychology Department at Iowa State, stated media violence produces short term effects by "increasing physiological arousal and triggering an automatic tendency to imitate observed behaviors. Because a child dose not know how to process certain "close ups" or lyrics that make you visualize what is being talked about, we as adults need to take the responsibility of helping our kids through what I like to call "Life".