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Steve Perry discos with Igor Stravinsky while listening to Pet Sounds with Jay Z

I was skipping through a new book a purchased called "1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die" by Tom Moon today looking to see if many of my adored favorites made the list. "Master of Puppets"? Yep. Peter Gabriel's third album? Somewhat of a surprise but definitely a good choice. Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue"? A no brainer. Jay Z? O, HE GOT SNUBBED! As I found myself searching my head for all those albums that blew my mind I realized how eclectic my tastes had become over the last couple years. I mean, exponentially more diverse. When I was a teenager it was all about metal and really nothing else. Maybe it comes with age. I think back to other pleasures that have diversified since then, most notably my taste for foods (though not to the extent my music pallet has expanded).

So what the fuck does all this mean? Well, as I was looking over the cover of this book I saw "The more you love music, the more music you love." At first it didn't quite make sense but then I realized what really explains my own evolution of musical tastes: As I have become more and more obsessed with music and its universal ability to move you in so many ways (transcending genre) has knocked down all barriers I once had. If you truly love music for what it can say about our existence, not necessarily lyrically but more on an elemental and primal level, any type of music can draw you in. It's not about musical movements or scenes or what they're playing on the radio anymore. Not to discount that because scenes and even pop music can be great but it becomes less about the outside influences that draw you to music and more about who you are (Sufjan Steven's is a genius because his music just "blows you away", right? Not just cuz all your hipster friends got you into him?).

What drives me crazy about some people is to create labels. I understand people want to know what a band might sound like before hearing it so you have to create some sort of boundary but beyond that what really is the purpose for people who truly love music? People like to associate music with certain states of mind (somber music when your sad or uplifting healing music when your really down) or activities (heavy metal when your going to hit the weights). But like many of us maybe you just want to be drawn in and blown away and don't give a fuck what kind of music it is. I once had a buddy who was really into the underground heavy metal scene and ended up at a few shows with him. What I could never quite get was the need to create what I like to call "micro-genres." These were labels that were so idiotically narrow that I couldn't fathom what the purpose was. For example, can anyone tell me the difference between "grindcore" and "metalcore"? I think it has something to do with the number and extent at which a metal band uses breakdowns, if you hit a certain quota you better be careful as you don't want to alienate the grindcore or metalcore sects.

Then again, maybe I'm missing the point. My love of music took me to explore music's breadth and not depth. Perhaps some people who love music love only metal music and so it takes them deeper and deeper into the genre and it then becomes so important to distinguish seemingly identical bands with different labels. Perhaps it's the equivalent of knowing the between two types of Shiraz Red Wines; you can only truly tell the difference through experience and exposure and those nuances are important but only distinguishable to those so immersed.

So what does Cadence Delicate say about me and my bandmates? I truly have a hard time telling people what we sound like as it varies from song to song and we enjoy skipping around genres. It definitely says something about our influences which are so important in understanding a band. We hope people continue to take that Journey with us (Don't EVER Stop Believin', Steve Perry, I'm sure you will soon return).

Al Gore, Ted Stevens bring you - The Cadence Delicate Blog!!!!

As the world desperately yearns for yet another blog from yet another unknown nobody, or collective set of nobodies making up the what fuck that is Cadence Delicate, equipped with uninformed opinions and mindless trivial daily thoughts and activities ready to expel them through the ocean of chatter that is the internet (created by Al Gore in the early 90's and later de-mystified and explained as a "series of tubes" by the recently deceased former Senator Ted Stevens) and more specifically through the medium of blog which gives every asshole, including myself, a voice. If that last bit of rambling wasn't pretentious and self-absorbed enough, let me tell you about our band: Cadence Delicate.

A couple years ago Cadence Delicate was formed in hopes of really creating something new, original, interesting and genre encompassing. So we wrote our first album "Sa" with these very intentions but without really a band to play them (ironically, though Brett Floyd is a god damn machine, the drums on the actual first album were sampled drums sequenced - an ACTUAL machine). What we ended up with was a collection of songs far reaching and eclectic, covering a large array of influences and music genres we enjoyed: heavy metal, hard rock, world music, latin, jazz, ambient post-rock and indie. Call it what you may. Some may say it's too ambitious since most bands approach music by honing a particular sound (and if you aspire to reach pop status, hone an even narrower sound). We are beyond proud of "Sa" and it is everything we had hoped it to be.

So now that we are older and a second album is underway, has anything changed? The answer is: Yes, a lot has changed. We have all had our own trials and tribulations personally I'm sure, and we all, every aspiring musician, are pulled in many directions but many of us always come back to our music. We are drawn to it, compelled to pursue it even if it's all futile. Most of us will probably never make any money. Most of us will probably never even be known as a band outside our local cities. But that's not why we do it, that's not why you do it. This blog is simply for ourselves and any fans or people affected and interested in our music. All musicians identify through their music, it is their baby. That identity brings the need for self-reflection. Behold: The Cadence Delicate Blog!

Long Live the Underground Cadence Delicate