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“Art is not a market to be conquered or to be bow before. Art is a holy pursuit”- T. Bone Burnett

In the world in which we live in it seems as an artist one is wearing many hats all at the same time. You are trying to get bookings, working radio, writing new songs, recording and god knows what else. With the net you can get your music out to the world. At the same time there is a flood of people doing the same thing as you and you might feel what the point is? T. Bone gave a talk that everyone should read, he says a handful. It always for me comes down to the fundamental basic thing…that is the music and trying to find that sound, and that “holy pursuit” That is where it begins and ends for me. You can have all the pops and whistles and all the money too but if you an’t got that sound, it does not hold water. So work on your sound and keep chipping away at it. The muse does not give it up gently. You have to stay in there until you get it, it’s not a click of a mouse. There is no road map to this and at times it seems like you’re going blind, going fast down a dead-end street to see if you can get through but your “holy pursuit” should always be on your front seat. Try your new stuff with an audience in front of you. They will let you know if you have something, if you listen to them, not always but ya get a feel that maybe you have a good song. Ok, I have to get back to recording….

Music Helps to heal

So far we have raised $102 for our kitchen down in Texas feeding folks for free. This we have done by simply putting out a tip jar when we play live. I am asking folks out there to do the same.



I want to make sure everyone out there knows there is still a need in Texas and Fla. And these folks have their feet on the ground feeding people for FREE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd7a6-6jYKs , please help them if you can! We are working on the next CD and some brand new songs we are getting down in the studio. I will be also re-recording Cook’in In The Kitchen. Steve Guidas is producing this and it’s getting close where we can lay down the tracks on this one, think Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys takes a left turn. Hope everyone out there in the world is safe and enjoying this beautiful planet in which we all live in.

Lets support the kitchen down in Texas!

Last night at our local open mike we raised $40 for the kitchen down in Rockport, Texas and you might think what good that that do Bill? Well every little thing helps. Today we also put a container out in our local music store, The Fret Mill to bring a little bit in, anything will help folks. If there are any musicians out there that have ideas feel free to let me know and like I said you can do the same thing in your communities too. Here is what we are supporting, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd7a6-6jYKs Lets show what music can do guys!

Whereever you are

We all know what music can do and how it heals people to be able to go on. Right now there are folks in Texas and Fla. that will need help. You can help to raise money in your area by doing concerts or just put a bucket out. Please support our kitchen,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd7a6-6jYKs


Songwriting is a tricky thing; once you think you have it figured out…it changes, kind of like getting yourself in a room of cob webs and your trying to bring some light in the room. Hell, the inspiration popped up just like that and you try to grab it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But you keep at it and like a pile of clay it molds itself and grows feet. But that takes time, sometimes years. Here a twist, I wrote a song called, Cookin’ In The Kitchen. Way back in the 1970’s I was living in DC and sat down with a cup of coffee and wrote that one. Tom Grooms from WHFS played that one a lot. I have been singing it ever since. The funny thing is I am recording that one again and letting Steve Guidus produce it. And I am finding out I have been singing all wrong all these years and man it sounds hot. That’s songwriting, tricky.

Next CD

Next week we go in the studio to work on some brand new songs : This is the place I make My Stand, Dancing On The Devil's Tongue. Also this week we are working a very cool version of Cookin' In The Kitchen. Hope everyone is having a safe summer out there.

Next CD

We are still working on tracks for this CD, 7 tracks in the can. Some new ones I have written will be added: This Is The Place I make My Stand American Dream Look In My Eyes Brother So we are plugging away. Oh there is going to be a cool version of Cookin' In The Kitchen we are working on. Think, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Hope everyone is having a safe summer!

New York-The Falcon

This show has been moved to Aug. and will let everyone know when we get the date. Hope everyone is having a safe summer! I am looking forward to this singer/songwriters night. What happens when you get a bunch of songwriters in one room? Well, you get to hear some great songs and better yet watch as we sing about one subject or another. Try to think of the game telephone when you were a kid but with music. Should be a fun night!

New CD

We are now working on the next CD and here is what we have in the can: Little Peace of Heaven Look in My Eye’s Brother Train Town Sherry’s Song Wounded Knee Lilith’s Utopia Cookin’ in the Kitchen Have another brand new songs that along might fit into this project and we will keep you folks posted. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather wherever you are. Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson