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12 Steps Away at "CP Showcase"

The Florida Tech College Players are putting together a Showcase where they allow their performers to put together a 10-minute act to present to campus and public.

Here is the information that the President of CP posted on the Facebook Event page:

______________________________________________ Ever wondered exactly what hidden talents the Florida Tech College Players have? Now's your chance to find out!

CP will be showcasing their many talents in Gleason on April 21st starting at 8pm. The event will be free to all!!

List of acts performing: - "Monty Jackson and the Curse of the Desert" - "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" - "Mel Brooks: A Musical Tribute" - Players in Harmony (PIH) - Between Acts - Daniel Szabo - Theremin / Musical Saw Duet - Brass Quintet - 12 Steps Away

In addition to the above acts, you will be taken on an amusing journey through the history of entertainment...it's a showcase within a showcase.

~Siobhan Ireland ______________________________________________

Contributing guitarist, Casey Gardner, is the PR Officer for the College Players, thus will be showcasing 12 Steps Away as his act. They will be performing 3 songs.