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Two more recent gigs, none in the next week

Have you ever played a rousing game of how many covers can you throw together in a week? I have to say, it's not my favorite game, but I'm not ashamed of having played it. Which leads me to our gig this last friday at the grand opening of the new R&R Bar and Grill near Platte and Murray. We were booked in from 9pm to 1am, for 4 hours, and pulled it off reasonably well. Manager Marc Raab opened it up with his acoustic guitar, with band members slowing working their way on stage with covers like Maps, and Pablo Picasso. When the full band came to the stage we played two sets consisting of covers like Anna Molly by Incubus, and time to waste by the Alkaline Trio, and those originals that I'm sure you know (and if you don't, go to our reverbnation site). We wound up playing to a total of maybe 10 maximum at any given time, but it was pretty fun.

In other news, a more worthwhile show to see occured yesterday at the Parkway Event Center. Despite band friend Clare getting into a hit-and-run just outside of the venue, on her birtday no less, we gave the crowd the best show I feel that we could have, both in terms of music and stage presense (my neck hurts from moving my head around so much). We also sold $23 worth of demos (5 at $4 and 1 for $3 to band friend Dan Jenkins, who only had $3 on him). Overall, it was worth missing two of the biggest boxing matches of the year to play this show. Thanks to Craig and the team there for everything from the show, the anecdotes, and the compliments on my "rocking the tambourine" and Tristan's "being awesome all the time."

Still lefty, still bassist -Joe Landry