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America Fuck Yeah!

Ok so we thought it was time for a bit of a Reverb Nation update (since our last one was October), coz we've been lazy with it.

So first of all get yourselves to Krunchy & Om-J's big birthday bash at DV8 on May 18. It's gonna be spastic coz Aussie ska legends "The Resignators" and those dick punchers "I Am Duckeye" are playing it with us.

Here's the facespace event: https://www.facebook.com/events/119684694894942

NOW.... The big one, for those who haven't heard. You may have noticed a few events popping up with USA dates on them. Well it is true, we are embarking on an 18 date USA/Canada tour in October.

This is to co-incide with the release of our new album, which of course will be released to you Aussie's first.

So if your in the US or Canada, check out the dates and we'll catch up for a beer and a fisting in a city near you. Some dates still to be annouced so stay tuned!

Catch ya in the cess pit!


OK Reverb Nation has been going crazy lately, We've recently had a whole bunch of new fans so don't forget to head over to our Facebook page and give us like and say hello... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Strawberry-Fist-Cake

Also head over to our profile be friends with us, YES we do actually speak to people on there we're not just another band trying to get the most friends... http://www.facebook.com/strawberryfistcake

Plus it's our birthday, so that can be our present! Cheers gang!

Fings and Stuffs!

Gather round Fisters, we have some tales to tell...

Not really, I just wanted to play with the blogage thing. But while I'm here I may as well put up some news stuffs. Sooooo, we are going to be taking a short hiatus (that is getting increasingly shorter!) while we work on some new songs. We have 8 new songs that we're working on and they're going to be AHMAZINK! Or a little above mediocre, that'll be for you to decide.

So as well as that, we will hopefully have a live album ready to release soon as well as an extra special project we've been working on, but that's a secret that you'll find out about later.

We've also booked in most of an East Coast Tour with Canadians Rehab for Quitters leading up the Punk-A-Billy Finale. We're looking at possibly getting a bus and driving down from Queensland, so anyone interested in coming on tour and being our roadies, hit us up and we'll see how many seats we've got left.

And finally, the funniest news of all, Strawberry Fist Cake is currently sitting in #1 position on the ReverbNation Punk Charts for Australia. hahahahha, radical.

Keep Fisting kids!

Shooting film clip this Sunday!

That's right Fisters! We're starting to shoot for our film clip, and this Sunday's show at the Brunswick is where it all starts! So come on down, get your head in the way and help us make a rad clip!

Cheers Beers and Fists!