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I'm Feeling Love!!

I'm feeling the Love so many new fans. I just can't believe how many great people have commented on my page. You all are very talented an I thank you for being very Gracious. We as music makers have the greatest Gift in the World. It's to make people happy. This is why we do what we do.. I Just Love to rock out an have a good time.. An if I make a fan or friend that's all that matters to me.. No one sounds like me.It's only rock & roll but I Love IT!!! Thank you to everyone!! Even My Haters..Love you All Smokin Tony Z.. \m/~~\m/.........

Another great Night!

Another great Night @ rehearsal with InRuinz Group.. We played with A lot of love tonight. AS Carl the bass player eagerly awaits the birth of his 1st child..We played through the songs having fun as Carl kept checking his phone for the call. The band was tight an fresh we are so excited to be playing our 1st show together on friday march 22nd opening for Michael Graves from the Misfits.. The phones have been ringing off the hook from clubs promoters other bands all looking to book the new band InRuinz. Everything will be on hold after this 1st show. So the band can step in the studio to record a few songs then the band will be out an about for summer dates...I just like to thank everyone for there undying support we love you All!!! Love Smokin Tony Z.......


Excitement is building as the newly form band InRuinz is set to do our 1st show @ The Stan Hope House.. The band is excited an eager to go out an show the public of why were together in the first place..


InRuinz. What Can I say A band formed to take care of a well needed FIX!! Great Musicians eager with the hunger to be the best that they can be..The Drive that only can come from the heart. Im so glad to have met Carl Dennis an jimmy they are saving my life.. As once again Im whole again.. www.reverbnation.com/inruinz become a fan an watch as we create some Magic.. There's nothing up our sleeves lol maybe Jimmys lol This is live not no memorex.. Love you all Smokin Tony Z

The New Project !

The New project is getting rolling Along New players great attitudes. New material is kicking ass. Its a breath of fresh air. cant wait to get in the studio to start recording.. Still working on songs for the Solo album have some special guests thats gonna help me out with that..Im really excited. Getting ready for the next rehearsal with Burnt Santa Got a lot going on.. Getting Busy an Loving it.. Love Smokin Tony Z..

The reunion Rehearsal!!!

The Reunion Rehearsal With the original members of Burnt Santa & The Stoney Branch Banned.. Everyone was excited there was hand shakes an hugs an smiles ear to ears. An we did a lot of laughing. Then We got into the studio we tipped Toed at 1st tryin to remember some of the songs By the 2nd time around we were convinced the magic was still there. by the 3rd time around we all played like a well oiled clock.. Everybody was yelling its show time.. We'll put a few more rehearsals under our belts an then we'll be out to do a reunion show..It was great seeing Anthony Aka O.D an Branch again an we were surprised how well The Pudge rocker played Thats Branches son Brandon. We did a lot of cool free jamming some blues some metal . We even did hand of fate by Intoxication an we rocked through MIU Mosh It Up also Intox. A very good time.. All I can Say is We can't wait to play again.. Love The Smoke \m/~~\m/

Burnt Santa Reunion!!

( Burnt Santa Reunion ) Burnt Santa will be doing there reunion Jam Sunday.. The Long over due reunion will be held in some secluded studio in New Jersey Sunday.. The guys are over joyed about getting all together after all these years.. I know i'm excited as hell I've been working on 16 song list for our reunion show sometime later in the next month.. The band has been approached by a few clubs about the reunion show . As well as few great bands wanting to get on the bill.. Don't you all Wish you could be there sunday to experience the magic of Burnt Santa And The Stoney Branch Banned. We All Know Who You Are!!!!

Watching The Snow Fall!!

Watching The Snow Fall, Here i am Looking out the window riffing out making some noise as the snow comes falling down..It's amazing how quiet it is when i stop playing. Im Getting A kick out of watching my neighbor falling on his ass while shoveling this is way better then t.v. Im seeing people in such a rush to go no where fast an in such a hurry to get them selfs killed.. Slow down people..Enjoy your life the new year is right around the corner.. My amp is warmed up an humming. An Im having a great time Watching The Snow Fall Love T.Z

Having A Blast!!

Been having a blast playing guitar making random noise having a hell of time playing as loud as possible getting ready for our rehearsals with Burnt santa an the stoney branch banned. Cant believe how much fun these songs are to play. Remembered why we 1st formed this band. If anything were gonna have a great time getting together an rocking out.. Its been way too long since I've seen OD or jammed with him he's a real cool Cat. Im Sure it'll be magic the 1st time we all step in the room together I just cant wait!! Wish It was RIGHT NOW \m/~~\m/.. T.Z

The Burnt Santa Reunion Show!!

Thats right Burnt Santa An The Stoney Branch Banned will reunite after many years apart for an up coming reunion show!! Burnt Santa AKA Henry Ray Branch An His son Pudge Rocker aka Brandon branch .. Have made the call To do a reunion show. Burnt Santa has been under the weather an needs his old band mates to help him Feel better, An We all know good old bluesy Rock & Roll is the Medicine .. Everyone has agreed to help out an the rehearsals will start after the new year. It'll be Burnt Santa aka Henry Ray Branch On harmonica His Son Pudge rocker aka Brandon Branch on Rhythm an lead.. To fill in for Kyle the Scarecrow Anderson. Ed The Monster will be on Drums. an Smokin Tony Z on lead.. with a mystery guest on bass? Who knows it might even be Tonys little brother from another mother Anthony..You know who? But we like to thank Rockin Rob for filling inn until conformation is made.. An Eds Bass player Mark for also helping out.. We hope that everyone who knows us will come out an support the show!! We will let you all Know.. Lets make this the best show for branch He really needs this.. Love to everyone Smokin Tony Z..