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Restarting the Mindmachine

Hey everyone. AS of the end of this month where it stands is Kryoburn is on hiatus. Cant tell if it will ever be reactivated or not so only thing to do is keep everyone's fingers crossed. Ive got a few different projects lined up so on my end the music will not stop flowing. Ive been experimenting with different types of moods, atmospheres, energies, and what not to add into my playing and take everything in different directions. I do not want to stick to the guns I know, I want to branch out and try new things. Not saying im going to start writing Country music or Rap or anything like that HAHA, I am sticking to the same area just throwing in a different flavor. Blessed Disease will be getting back together for a reunion show in May and hopefully everything will go as planned. Also I am going to start working with Kryoburn brothers Chris (Drums) and Les (Bass) Huber on a new project. Nothing too serious but we will see where it takes us. Thanks for all the uplifting comments from everyone and keep your eyes out for new material soon.