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the advent blog experience

Welcome to the advent blog experience. this is a new, innovative way of reading about important events several months after they happen, when i finally remember to write about them. As you religiously day after day after unproductive day spend your precious hours checking this blog in the hopes of seeing a new entry, you will eventually find yourself arriving at the conclusion that we must not care about this blog at all. i urge you to save yourself the months and months of aggrivation it will take to reach this decision, and just stop reading now. thank you for your time. ... ... ... ... ... ... NOW... if you are still reading this, then you must be a true, devoted advent fan. kudos to you! we truly appreciate your willingness to stick with us through all the hard times, no matter how much crap you get thrown at you. i know your friends all make fun of you at school for being a "closet Advent fan" but in the long run, who cares anyways? they were crappy friends in the first place, right? i guess what im saying is that all advent fans need to group together to support and uplift each other as friends...or better yet, as Brothers and sisters! now that weve got that out of the way, i can get on to the the good part. we WILL continue to update this blog. we WILL give you the most up to date information, and we WILL have an E.P. CD for sale by the end of this week! we love you all, and look forward to all the great times we will spend together here. thanks for reading, ttfn. Rylee McDonald