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On The Rise Records and Gully Promotions

We here!! On The Rise Records is currently undergoing the licensing process to include Gully Promotions as a sub-division. We are also currently negotiating with highly professional studio (to be named later) for the recording and production of the greatly anticipated album "DEdicated" expected to release Summer/Fall of 2016. We are also currently booking dates for the official 2016 "DEtour 1". We are aggressively working on the progression of both our businesses as well as our music, in an effort to bring you the level of entertainment that you as our fans deserve. It is proving to be a very big year to come and an extremely bright future for D.E. music through On The Rise Records as we bring you the best of D.E. to come as well as the growing list of exceptional artists among us. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to drop a comment/message with your city and/or favorite venue and we will exhaust all efforts to bring our sound and entertainment to you!

"Live Your Life, Love the Music"

It is time!

Changing yourself is not enough...... You must change everything around you. It will not be easy, and some of the closest people to you will not survive this change. THAT'S THE POINT! More than likely, these people will attempt to stop you from the change that will better YOU, simply because they are not willing or capable of turning this corner with you...... They would hold you back rather than better themselves because of the difficulty involved. There is a time in which you must be selfish! Friends and even Family, can often be the ones causing you the most damage and pain. FAITH & TRUST! The ones that should, will join you on the other side. Then together, you shall reach unimaginable heights!!

"Dare to stop failing yourself"

Hope to see you on the other side! I'm on my way..

KAAI  (almost 4 years ago)

So true! sometimes the people close to you will hold you back from your true potential. I have had people tell me my ideas were crazy and unreachable; I have been told to stop dreaming. And because of the influence of others that are dear to me, I have put my dreams on the backburner for a while and have finally had enough of holding them back. I can see the huge change in your music D.E. from the times we were in the B's back in the day. And have to admit I am loving it! The "Risen" Album is impressive and am excited to hear more in the coming future. You are right Brotha it is the time to shine.

Rising Star!!!

The recognition that we are receiving is without question amazing. D.E. Music is reaching new heights on a day to day basis. My mission was originally just to get recognized but with such an immediate reward, I am now pushing my label, "On The Rise Records" to the front, and I am certain that with the "JOSHUA" project, which has already proven itself to be a lasting endeavor. It will only be a matter of time before I am pulling all of Salt Lakes Talent into a single and united stronghold as we take our cities success and recognition, also respect in the Hip Hop industry to never before seen achievements. Pay very close attention over the next year as we make some very aggressive moves as we become not only Salt Lakes largest success story but as we establish one of the most successful independent labels to rise from this region of our country. D.E. has proven to have a sound of his own and it is a sound that the people have answered to with love, respect, and the desire for more. to you loyal and ever growing fan base we pledge: WE REFUSE TO FAIL YOU!!!!

The work is paying off!

YO! Because of the D.E.dication, and the support given to me I have been aggressively reaching new heights! Let's keep it up, we just gettin movin! D.E. Music is FOREVER!

grammasarah  (almost 5 years ago)

When do you appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

D.E. on the rise!!!!!

Whats good..... A day in the life of D.E., I am on a fan base building mission. Tell somebody about it..... Thanks. and enjoy the music... D.E./Breakin Free