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Been a spell

Still trying to find the right time to get back on stage with this project. Check out Syn Nine on bandcamp for my latest electronic music collaborations.

East Coast

Back on the east coast.

Distant shores

What's up Honolulu?

Post then sleep

What to do next?


I must say the iMS-20 app on the iPad is not to shabby. Fun interface. Better than expected gritty virtual analogue sounds. The built in sequencing capabilities make it a lot of fun.

Time management

Still trying to find the time to commit to all the grand things that need to be done. Like ripping down the system and the like. However, really what has been bugging me is a local scene that has put up barriers amongst itself. A scene about art and ideas is creating little social cubicles to fit everyone into. Odd.


Oh mastering. One day you and I need to sit down and have a long long talk.

Straight to Video

Editing song videos is one of those things that you never seem to have time to do. You have all these grand ideas as an industrial musician. Fusing imagery with sound. Creating a show the sounds good, looks good, and takes you to a place where you actually get the point. I love choppy syncopated videos that flash barely-liminal messages at you, but damn! It takes along time to do all that chopping. -Black

First real blog...ramblings about music...

So. Greetings to all who may read this. I have never ben a blogger but figured if you are going rant about something might as well rant about something you love, like music.

I am more of a DJ than and musician. No classical training, just a curious mind, a busy set of hands, and a desire to be as close to the beat as possible. Natural progression from playing other peoples tracks to creating your own. All just so you can hear that kick, kick just a little longer, or hear that snare snap, just a little snappier. That all being said, what I have learned so far, is what you set out to do is often very different then what comes out of you. Thats art folks. When you flip the inside outside you can be pretty surprised at what you'll see. Or hear. -Black