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Fan request

Yo is anyone else having issues with requested to fan new artist?


Is it me or does it seem like its harder for dudes to give props to any male artist? A dude will see a female artist and check her out and give her props off the back, but won't show the same for another male artist. I feel if you hot you hot regardless and we can't get anywhere as artist if we step on each other to get to the top rather then pull each other up.

SECOND HUSTLE  (almost 7 years ago)

Folks are on that push you out of the way every one for them selves ish. It's quite simple & plain to see. I call them short sprinters. Just stay positive & stick with your lift eachother up & rise up together concept cause those group of people are long distance runners & won't be outta breath when they reach the finish line! Keep your heart healthy!