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Peak at new song.

I was asked to do a little bit some blogs concerning some of the new work I've done. So here's a quick peek into new song.


( Verse ) Got me figured out Or so you say Guess to you we're all the same Silly girls chasing diamond rings Do anything for your last name

Would give more but then it wouldnt be new once it comes out. !!!!! Have a great night all...

Kevin Nevel
Kevin Nevel  (over 4 years ago)

Hi Joy,
I was sorry to hear about your loved one being sick when we talked on the phone yesterday; I hope they are healing & on the road to recovery. "All The Same" is an awesome song; it can only get better with you singing it with your amazing voice!!! I feel that "Two Different Things" is another great song; somehow written especially for you & ready for you to make it you own. I look forward to working with you on your "unfinished songs of treasure"; so send my way to: kevinnevel4@gmail.com when you have time & I' start working on them right away. I love songwriting; it's my passion!


"Writing great heartfelt songs of truth for the world to hear from high in the snow capped Afghan mountains; deep in the "War Zone".