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See.. I have to do this..

five40 is more than a band. It's a dream. A dream come true. We might not be signed, have a deal or be touring the country (yet).. but those things only come if you work your ass off. Those things only come if you believe in yourself when others don't. When you learn to pick yourself up when you fall. This isn't something I wanna do for fun on the weekends or look back on in life and say "Man.. we could've had a shot." I want this to BE my life, my career.. food, shelter and music. Necessities. See.. I have to do this, if I don't.. then no matter what anyone says.. I 'll have failed. I can say I believe in each and every aspect that is five40 with all my heart. That's exactly what we put into our music.. all of our hearts. -MJ