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Day one of video shoot!

We finished up the 1st day and 1st location of shooting for the 1st music video from our soon to be released CD "Where I'm From". I can't reveal the location because of contractual reasons but I can tell you it was an old WWII vintage hangar. Very cool, as a matter of fact when we sang you could see the breath coming from our mouths, lol. But I will tell you our passion for the subject matter of the song kept our hearts warm :0) You'll understand when you hear it :0) Our thanks to Harvest 27 Films!! It's going to be special :0)

Southern Experience Update!

Heading back to studio today to put the finishing touches on the new CD!!! This has been a labor of love and has pretty much consumed us for the last couple of months but we think it has been worth every minute of it. Today we're adding a "hidden" track, shhh, don't tell anyone it's just for you :0), and a radio intro. The mastering will begin next week!! Next week planning on shooting a music vid...eo for one of the new songs. Epic stuff this one :0) Will take most of the week to shoot on several locations.. Yes we're swinging for the fence!! Thank you guys for all the support and love you have and continue to show us!! You are the best fans and friends anyone or any band could ever hope for!!!

Southern Experience Update!

Production of the new album "Where Im From" is coming closer and closer to an end. We are all very excited about the upcoming release of the c.d. Dates of the release for the c.d. will be anounced soon. Stay updated on the latest news of not only the release date but dates for upcoming shows and events by liking our facebook page, following us on twitter, and visiting southernexperienceband.com. Thanks you all so much for all of your support. More news to come soon!

First Entry

Well I've never blogged so forgive me if I don't follow the "proper blogging protocol". We just finished doing our thing with the Kings Mountain High School Theater's production of "Into the Woods" Scott played the baker, one of the leading roles, and did an excellent job. I hope he don't get swooped up and taken to NYC :0). Ron and Jon played in the pit and JT helped with tech until he came down with the flu. Absolutely the hardest music to play ever. It was like King Crimsom covering Gentle Giant. Crazy weird key changes and poly rhythms. Wheww ! Great experience for all but glad it's over. So now we're all chompin at the bits to get back playing our music. We're in the process of writing enough material to finish up the CD. Now to decide if we are going to release the ep or just wait till the cd is recorded.