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Acoustic Revolt 2 - Feb 25th RECAP

Check out the Recap at bobbydoran.com

New Website Launch / Be the First to Check it out!

"Hello friends, The new www.BobbyDoran.com has launched, completely re-built, and chock full of new features. Including Bobby Doran Music community outlets!" NOTE: You are on this mailing list because you have either subscribed to the newsletter, or your contact email was left in the previous email account before the switch! If you would like to unsubscribe from future mailings, simply go to www.bobbydoran.com, enter your email address, and check the "unsubscribe" box! (either way, have a look around and at least download all the free music while you are there!) OK, let's get down to business!! Click www.bobbydoran.com to begin your tour! You will notice there are many changes in the site, including an AUDIO PLAYER featuring 4 tracks ("Bad Reputation", "Reminiscence", "Sunrise", & "Secret") which you can turn on/off at your convenience. The controls are docked at the bottom of your screen. Move your cursor over the "navigation buttons" (look like this►).Some will have drop-down boxes, including a FREE DOWNLOADS page, Bobby Doran MERCH, WALLPAPER, & more! Click away and download all the FREE MUSIC you can before the Itunes store is up. NEXT, visit my ONLINE MERCH STORE. T-Shirts, Hats, Stickers, Key Chains, even Postage Stamps are all ON SALE thru Valentine's Day... More designs are available than shown below. Click on the CALENDAR button for the latest upcoming gig info, complete with MAPS, and even printable E-TICKETS. You will notice COMMUNITY LINK buttons, click away to connect on Facebook, Twitter, My_, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Lastfm, & more. Each are awesome social networking & sharing sites. Check them out and start a FREE profile, get connected! I even explained some of the less known sites in the JOURNAL. Nearly 100 FAN GALLERY photos have been uploaded to the site. Great memories! If you want to have your mug posted, I will tell you how to do so via www.Flickr.com, www.facebook.com, or even via Gmail. CATCH THE NEXT PERFORMANCE IN YOUR AREA!► ►COLORADO SPRINGS & CASTLE ROCK, CO AREAS - February 25th - Speedtrap - Acoustic Revolt 2 w/ Sara Calvert & Richie Castro. ►DENVER METRO & SURROUNDING - Upcoming dates at Lion's Lair, Mellow Mushroom & Charity Event. ►LONGMONT, CO - New dates at Dicken's Operahouse (one of the coolest venues in Colorado...besides Speedtrap). Thanks sooo much for the support! You rock! Enjoy the new site! Don't forget to add yourself to the Bobby Doran Music Facebook! www.bobbydoran.com SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!!!!