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I come up with cheesy blog titles.

Recently my friends have been telling me that our music has changed a lot. It really has. The first song I had ever written was Doves and it was inspired out of the ukulele's sound (which was incredibly cute in contrast to the guitar that I had been so used to). These days, my songwriting has changed. All my songs need to be born out of something, and it just so happens that stress has been a big motivator. It's my only way of expelling all that blood pressure into a product which is the music I write now. People change (we are fluid) and the band is no longer acoustic. I really love the new stuff. I hope you do too.



We're so excited to take a break so that we'd be able to focus on re-arranging our songs and writing new material. It's been awesome playing so many shows, but playing the same songs over and over again gets boring -- even for us. Even if it were Regina Spektor or Rilo Kiley, I'd get bored (and I love them to death).

We'll be writing exams at school until early-June, and then we'll be off for the summer. I'm not sure about where the band will be over the summer, but hopefully we'll be able to play again around August.

After that, Chris, Sean and I will be working on university applications, followed immediately by mock IB exams.

I'm really afraid about how much time we will have for the band. We always make time for music, but when school gets stressful, it's not only time you lose, but inspiration as well. I know school's incredibly important, but sometimes it turns me off so badly that I am rendered unable to write songs. The mood transfers onto the music. I'd have this project and that essay screaming at me from the back of my mind... it makes me feel horrible and guilty. If only we were able to stop time whenever it came to music!! That would be wonderful.

So, my friends, BE EXCITED for new stuff! I also got a new ukulele (Kala KA-C Mahogany Concert) with an awesome pickup. It sounds great. I'm hoping to write more songs with my ukulele.

Take care and be nice.


Rock for Japan

In the past two weeks, the Sun Eskimos have played for two benefit concerts and we think that's awesome.

Yesterday's whole-day concert raised a grand total of HK$25,850, and this would not have been possible without all the musicians, the Fringe Club, the amazing Koya Hisazaku, and of course, all those who attended. The money will be brought over to be donated to the Miyagi Prefectural Office.

There should be more benefit concerts and I hope that more people will soon be supporting such great events!



to the nice lady who got us frappucinos! Thank you so much. We didn't know how to react so thank you for letting us awkwardly say no for about 5 minutes.

Apart from that, today's charity concert at Discovery Bay was excellent. I am in awe of the short time they had to organize, yet still managing to put up a great show. We met lots of nice people, and a couple of teachers showed up.

Hopefully some of you will be able to catch next Sunday's charity concert at the Fringe Club!



first few months


It's been so nice playing in Hong Kong. We played our first show on the 17th of September 2010, and since then, we've played maybe 4 more times and been on Radio Dada. Just wanted to let you know that this is crazy. I've only ever dreamed of this and it could not have happened without all this support. There are so many thank yous I must give and I'm afraid I may leave someone out, so here it is for whoever's reading, whoever's seen us play, whoever's organized for us, whoever's bought an EP, whoever's a fan on FB, whoever's talked to us after a show, whoever's interviewed us, whoever's helped us with the EP, whoever's asked us about how the band is going, whoever's sent an email, whoever's recorded a show for us and gone through unnecessary measures to create an album cover as well, whoever's 'liked' anything on our FB page, whoever's got us on their iPods, whoever's heard of us, whoever's just shown up with their saxophones to jam with us at a show and oh my gosh who did I miss?! THANK YOU SO MUCH.