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Profane Existence Review of the "Lifeless" LP

"Turns out that one of the fastest ways to my heart is quoting Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Who knew? Anyway, on with the show. This CD tour edition with a hand numbered tour poster that lists the dates underneath the same artwork from the back of the CD. On the reverse side is the lyric sheet. They could stand on their own without the music. The pessimism and despair are so seductive that you just wish it were a whole book instead of just a 9 song album of doomy melodic crust. The upside is that the music sets the perfect atmosphere to sit back and accept the fact that everything is not going to be okay and we can only blame ourselves. After playing this a few times, I could hear bits of HIS HERO IS GONE, FROM ASHES RISE, TRAGEDY and NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR. It’s always good hear a band that actually takes the time to write separate lines for each guitar and the bass instead of just playing over each other and occasionally hitting an octave to switch things up. The songs are beautifully melodic but completely unsettling at the same time aided by an extremely talented drummer that nails the time changes and adds dimension as well as emotion to each epic piece. The writing is absolutely incredible." (Jake)

In Ruins EP Reviews

The debut EP of In Ruins from Atlanta, GA contains three tracks of heavy, brutal crust punk with lots of metal influences. While undeniably being a band of the post Tragedy/From Ashes Rise era, these guys rely more on sheer brutality than the epic melodic parts that has been so typical for the style. -MTR

In Ruin’s debut EP, released digitally on Moshpit Tragedy Records, is for any fan of the modern US and European crust punk scenes recently. Political, filled with d-beats and melodic metal break downs (as well as some with some shredding), and gutteral growls for most of the vocals, it is very reminiscent of Tragedy and Remains of the Day. As good as it is for its genre (and as melodic d-beat crust bands go, they’re really good). Crank the EP up and headbang. -John from WQFS Guilford College Radio & Revolutionary Youth

In Ruins is an Atlanta, Georgia hardcore crust band. With influences spanning from the obvious to the obscure, the band manages to mix a good amount of variety in their 3-track EP. The best part about this EP is that it's available for download here (with a small donation), at Moshpit Tragedy records. It's really worth it if you're a fan of Tragedy / From Ashes Rise or even the more modern German crust movement fathered by bands like Alpinist. The band manages to maintain intensity throughout the tracks and I'd be stoked to catch them live. Help support these guys by donating, I really wanna hear a full-length! -Prolly is not Probably