Trainwreck takes on the world

Trainwreck's album "Hero’s Prayer" Shoots for the Heavens

On Saturday, October 18th, a talented group of young San Antonio artists celebrated the release of their first studio recording with a special “CD Release Performance” at Jack’s Patio Bar in San Antonio, Texas in front of hundreds of fans.

The band, known throughout the south as Trainwreck, is on a regional, 9-week “CD Release Tour” covering Texas and stretching as far north as Manhattan, Kansas.

Bryan Boyce (Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar), Kendall Merryman (Lead Guitar), Kyle Reed (Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals), and Robby Fernandez (Drums, Harmony Vocals) have spent the last 18 months playing shows across the map and arranging songs, creating music to both illustrate and deal with the life experiences of young men growing up in today’s fallen world… songs about love, pain, good times, family, addiction, and the world around them.

The album “Hero’s Prayer”, recorded at Austin, Texas’ Ramble Creek Studios, engineered by Britton Beisenherz, and produced by the well-respected Matt Powell, captures 9 of those songs including Cocaine Blues, Walk My Way, and Hero’s Prayer in a professionally recorded and produced studio format not normally associated with a first CD project. “It was important for us to find the best studio and best producer for this project, regardless of the cost”, states Trainwreck Manager Phil Delgado.

If you ask Trainwreck what kind of music they make, they will respond, “Damn good original music!” It is a style of music driven by expressive lyrics, distinctive melodies, crafty musicianship, and extraordinary vocals. The industry will be forced to label this music and will settle somewhere along the Rock/Alternative classifications. Trainwreck will strive to make any classification as difficult as possible, aiming to provide new, fresh, original music to fans across the region, the United States of America, and one day, the entire world for years to come.

For more information and a complete tour schedule go to www.myspace.com/wearetrainwreck