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How we record by Jeff Greer`

We have gotten a few compliments on how our recordings sound and although I don't believe that they are close to what can be achieved by a real studio I do think we do pretty well with what we have at hand. So for any musicians or friends that are interested we basically have a 2 stage studio setup. We record all of the raw tracks at Todd's practice space. Todd has been a more active musician then the Jeff or I so he has the gear needed to get good drum and instrument recordings. All of this is dumped into a Zoom R24 and I am able to take a notebook and pull the files directly from it's hard drive. I then bring them home and load them into a Cubase 6 computer I have setup and there I can do the actual mix down. I have a little bit of gear collected but it's more focused on vocals and mimicing Todds setup to record my guitar. That way I can do overdubs that are a little more consistant with what Todd gets initially. So Todd has a great setup for initial capture and I have geared my setup to do mixdowns and production as it were. Any of our musician friends and home recording enthusiasts I personally would love to hear what you guys use and do. It's always good to share information with friends. :)