Perfectly November / Blog

ALL DONE, Music at least

I have to say, working with Bobby and Tony at Nudified Studios had been pretty amazing. It was like having additional band members working on tracks, not an Engineer or Producer, and that is kinda rare from my experience. Looking forward to finishing up the NEXT project - DEATH VALLEY MARTYRS, which will be a LOT harder edged that the Perfectly November tracks. Not really Metal, but hard rock for sure.


At least for me, Bethany has decided to stay in Los Angeles and pursuing music. This includes completing the Perfectly November CD, as well as her own music which is very different from PN but still amazing! Look for 2 new songs posted here in 3 weeks or so, studio is tightening up the mix and then Bethany and I will be in the studio doing final vocals.

Anybody out there sing???

Actively looking for a singer to get into the studio ASAP, must be Female and must want this BAD! Bethany is going to focus on her schooling, I hope that we can work together again someday...you never know. Also will be looking for Bass, Drums and Keyboards for Jimmy Kimmel show in September or October, with possible inclusion into the band full time.


So, with Bethany leaving for school I am faced with several options, none of them great. I can keep Bethany on the CD, and have her record the new songs before she moves, do some videos, etc. - and just release the CD in September as it stands with no playing live or touring. Not sure that the Label will like that much. I can find a new singer that can do justice to Bethany's vocals and have her do the tracks live on stage OR re-record the tracks and eliminate Bethany from the CD. I dont think its fair to have Bethany on the CD and the new singer just doing the live performances, so that may not fly (it wouldnt with me!).

Drummer issues...

OK, so our first Drummer, Tim Roland, had to leave the band due to family issues that I will not go into here. He is taking care of his family, which is what he should do.

We have added drummer Brad Bowden, who is a friend of Cory's and has been there and done that as far as recording and touring. He is also a cool dude and we all look forward to getting to know him better as we go on from here.

Brad is busy learning the tracks on the CD, and will rehearse with the band shortly!!

Band Pics, and CD cover Art!!

OK, things are starting to happen a bit quicker now!! We will be shooting Band Pics and Individual Pics on March 6th, so look for those to be added after we get them back.

Also, we will be recreating the CD Cover art I have posted here and other places. Tried to contact the Artist MANY times but got no response, so I will not be able to actually use this for future marketing purposes. Chris Swanger will be redoing it with the Band pics in grayscale behind a chain link fence...no birds, but SOMETHING cool will be there to add some color!!

Chris and I are also designing a Band Logo, which will be used on T-Shirts and other marketing products. It will have the "P" and "N" in a stylized format...in the works!

800 Plays, 500 Visits and 1300 fans

WOW, so I am impressed, humbled and grateful for all of the support we have been given so far...IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!! Are you kidding me? Thanks to loyal friends and fans, we are being played in Australia, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more!!! Also, most of the states have somebody that has tuned in to hear these songs, and it really warms my heart to know that people are liking the songs I wrote. Thank You! HSM

Thinking about the CD...

So, here I am, in the middle of recording a CD...well, towards the end of it actually. And, I have noticed that songs I was REALLY high on a few weeks ago have now dropped a bit as newer songs are fleshed out and put together. Is this normal? Did the Beatles say, like, "Hey Jude is SOOOO Good", but then later say "Jude sucks ass! Yesterday is the best!!" Maybe a bad analogy since I dont even know if those songs are on the same album, but you get what I mean, right?

AND, to top it off, we have decided to do a quick EP of cover songs to market towards soundtracks for TV and Movies. SO, this will be done RIGHT FREAKING NOW, while we are finishing up the REAL CD! Crazy, but we have the momentum and the guys available to Engineer and Produce, etc. I am going to keep the songs we have chosen a secret for now, but a hint: none of them are Beatle songs.