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Greetings to you all As I'm writing this I'm approaching 3 years in my career and ministry as a Singer and Songwriter I have had my fair share of ups and downs and as of recent I have been doing a lot of soul searching and careful study of my results and my goals my determination is I'm not where I would like to be and have been working behind the scenes grow in the areas that need work so that I can become who God has for me as a man husband brother son friend singer song writer preacher speaker the list goes on. I am not content to sing and preach but live a life lacking the manifestation of Gods word. God's principles work if you apply them so there is no excuse for any of us as God has principles concerning every aspect of life so we should be continually growing in every aspect of life. I promise to step it up in all the aspects i have been lacking in and as a singer song writer and musician Get ready because some awesome stuff is in the works I am being brutal on myself so I can grow and deliver what I know God has put inside of me. God will get a return on his investment in me and so will everyone that has been supporting me so far God bless and keep you lets continue to grow together

grind never stops

never stop fighting for what God has promised you!!


going hard to make dreams a reality


Don't let the trials of life Get you down you will make it if you try!! You already have the victory in JESUS!!!!!