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Check us out at Hard Rock Cafe, Denver!

http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1461/artist/1266029 Make sure you set your "current city" as Denver, CO before you go to vote and get your download!

Back in the Saddle... so to speak!

With all the medical details taken care of, I'll be back performing soon! Keep an eye out for my new 2013 Tour Schedule!

Screw the Doctors... I'm comin' home!

We've just got the results back from the Doctors and despite the limited activity, we've all decided to head back home to Colorado after all for a 2nd oppinion... We'll be keeping the tour limited, but yes, The Fireman Band and I will be performing the Colorado, New Mexico, and Kansas shows! Home here I come! Can't wait to see you all back there again! -JJ

Home again...Soon!

Well, all this time in Las Vegas has taken a toll, but the experience has been humbling, exciting, and more fruitfull than I ever thought it could be... But as the summer strolls in, the National Tour has been cut back due mostly to financial issues... so we will be playing only regionally again. Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, and Arazona (in addition to my Colorado home)... Here we come!

Hard work always pays off.... even if it's just in the pleasure of doing it!

I've been sick for a month now, and just got over it... the whole time I've been spending all my time working on my music, and I've found that the only reward is the feeling of accomplishment.

I suppose if you really love what you do, it isn't really "work". I could use all the feedback anyone is willing to give on what I have together so far. My first album is almost entirely remakes, but I needed to start somewhere, since I've started from scratch.... for about the 4th time, lol.... I suppose the difference now is I'm finally satisfied with what I do and who I am, and I know my family is behind me no matter what the results!

I hope everyone out there has the chance to feel this good about at least one thing they do every day... I think the feeling you get is the nicest thing you can do for yourself every day... Have a great day all... I'll post again at least once a week, and see if anyone cares to even read these.

-JJ Spangler, The Fireman