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Motivation Music

A Campaign started in order to initiate a new genre of works in the field of hip hop, rock, pop, R&B, and mainstream genre's. Motivation Music is music that is created by the passion within an individual artist that motivates its listeners to be proud of who they are, what they do, and to work to achieve their goals. Motivation Music alleviates its listeners from the hectic lifestyle of trying to be like everyone else. Now a Days everyone believes that your behaviors and apparel decide who you are and what you do. Motivation Music allows you to feel comfortable with who you are inside and ultimately will enhance you to self enlightenment. This Campaign holds a target audience of any age range and life style because anyone can find console within it's works. It will consist of rally's and events that hosts events and performances from all ages. We are currently searching for more artists with the ability to create this type of music across the nation.

Where is it at?

Man sometimes it's hard, I mean really hard. Life in general can be looked at in so many view. Happy, serious, or a game ruled by money. For most of us we stuck in a never ending game that will continue to recycle the old and move in with the new. Times change thats life!!