New Year, New Tours, New tunes...

Hey guys and girls,

Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know what’s going on with your pals at The Architects Ventures Interglobal Headquarters and maybe get a couple things off my chest. First and foremost, we really could not be more excited about our upcoming tour with My Chemical Romance this spring. (Look for dates below!) We have been in communication with them and it sounds as though we both plan on bringing the good times. I’m happy to report that The Architects are also hard at work on some stuff that will make our little slice of the show exceptionally fun, exceptionally loud, exceptionally rollicking and exceptionally sweaty. We are shooting for nothing short of exceptional, clearly.

Part of our bold new plan is to take plenty of pictures and video, since this will not be the sort of tour that we will want to forget. Bands forget things a lot. It happens from being drunk or high or overtired or not being able to get enough oxygen to sustain any brain function beyond basic muscle memory in Colorado. In any case, we will be shooting as much as we can and you should check up with us on DorkSpace, DudeTube and Faceplace as often as possible to see if you made it into the final cut of our cinematic masterpiece…which will OBVIOUSLY win thirty Palm d’Ors and sweep the Academy Awards causing Ricky Gervais to do twenty minutes on my bad posture at the Hollywood Improv. Any members of the Screen Actors Guild will want to photocopy their SAG card, State Issued ID and front/back of a major credit card and send it to the address below so that we can get you properly credited.

Architects Ventures Interglobal HQ ATTN: Film & TV Division PO Box 00000001 Guam, 012345

Of course any of y’all who takes pics or video at any of these shows is STRONGLY encouraged to post/tag/link it to any or all of our pages at Faceplace, DudeTube and DorkSpace. First of all we like it and secondly, we want to encourage any future Martin Scorceses who may someday want to use our songs as the soundtrack to your brilliant depictions of the criminal underworld and amazing ensemble casts.