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Recording started again!

After a brief hiatus recording two M. Alwine cds, "Closed Doors" and "Imperfections", Eternal Eclipse is back recording! I got some good productive time in the past few days on a project that has been in the works off and on for the past four years or so. The zombie horror audio soundtrack will hopefully be finished up in October. Just in time to set the ambient tone for your halloween extravaganzas! Also, in between I will be concentrating on another untitled Eternal Eclipse cd. The first single will be released for that very soon. Thanks for all of your patience and support! It's greatly appreciated!

New single I'm With You!!!

A little premature with releasing but here goes nothing...Listen to "I'm With You" acoustic demo and download for free. I also have two more new demos for free as well. "Silence Their Sound" and "I Won't Mess With My Dreams Anymore". Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

New Song!!! Silence Their Sound Acoustic Demo!!!

This is the first single from my new upcoming cd. Its a little premature but I have to get it out there! Enjoy!!! Silence Their Sound Acoustic Demo...


Closed Doors by M Alwine is out now! Contact me for your actual copy for $10.00. It is also, up for free download and streaming. Thanks for all your support!!! Full track listing: 1. A Passing Moment 3:10 2. Follow 6:13 3. No Goodbyes 2:32 4. Feeling Better 5:36 5. No One Could Care 3:26 6. The Calm 3:40 7. Moonlight In Paris 6:31 8. Left Underground 6:10 9. The Ambient Affair 6:04 Pt I A Chance Encounter Pt II The Secret Rendevous Pt III An Unfortunate End 10. Nothing Left 4:58 11. Image in Black 3:04 12. End of The World 5:33 13. Frowning 2:34 14. ...Still Frowning 1:05

New CD in the works by M Alwine!

I am releasing two new songs from my untitled upcoming cd by me "M Alwine". Feeling Better and Image In Black. Feedback is most appreciated and hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the support!

Too much music!?!

I am currently working on three full length cd's...An electronic/ambient/acoustic cd, A more ambient/electronic Sci-fi cd, and still The zombie horror audio soundtrack. There is too much music I need to make and not enough time to do it! Until then check out more Eternal Eclipse and please leave comments or feedback. Thanks for the love and support!

4-Track Gem?

I found an old cassette tape that my great friend and former drummer Jason Cofield and I recorded on his 4-track back in 98'. We didn't know anything about it or what we were doing but upon relistening to it, I don't think it's that bad. Lol. What do you think. I may end up rerecording it in the near future.

The Last Sunrise

This is the last shred of human bittersweet emotion you feel as you watch your last sunrise at the start of the zombie apocolypse. This is the first track on my zombie/horror audio soundtrack!!! Finishing up the other tracks now!

"The Mound" trailer featuring "Diffusion"

A sample of one of my songs "Diffusion" was used by up and coming film director Mark Hieronimus in a sample trailer for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival out in Los Angeles, CA. Very exciting!!! Click the link to see the trailer!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv1mtARUahE

New Project!!!

This sat. Feb 19th we are filming the new project for the Go Green 48 hour film contest. It will feature more music from Eternal Eclipse.