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Album release

Less than a week away, til the full album is available. You'll find us on i tunes, you'll find us on other markets, you can find it here as well.. in the pre release form and in the full release form.,. We are pricing the whole thing right at 12 bucks.. Not a bad deal for a ton of tunes aimed at you folks out there, and also aimed at being charitable to childrens orginizations... on an other note,, you can see Mr.Sin in dallas next weekend on the 31st at the opening bell cafe in dallas tx, playing an acoustic set to open up the Tourett'es Syndrom Scholarship benefit.. Lots of great acts will be there.. One act i know of for sure, (i wont name names ) will be a tear jerker in a good way in the way you like,,. another, will be spiritual.. Mr.Sin will be just be Mr.Sin though.. lol so come see it all! it'll be the best 5 bucks you ever spent!

Redundancy Blogging

I told ya i was gonna blog more... im testing this little theory i have that ill get higher fair share payments if i blog more in a month.. i could use this opportunity to tell you all about the stuff im doing on groovezoo.com to make a few song for the next album of songs im making.. i could tell you all about how im working with some folks from my favorite local band in a shot to revive it and make it deadlier than ever.. I could tell you all about my collection of revived instruments that i painstakingly rebuilt or brought back to life from a useless state.. I could tell you a lot of things.. but for now this will have to dom the sun has come up and my eyelids crave a darker atmosphere than this now.. good night all! - mr.sin

I need a good BLOGGING!

I get payed to blog,. and so do you if you are on reverbnation.. I only discovered this today, as i saw another fair share notice in my inbox and then did some investigating as too what it is.. and apparently for all the months i wrote blogs i got more than the months i did not, and the more i blogged in a month, i got more for that too.. its all small change.. but what the hell right'? write some stuff no one might read, and get a few extra bucks in the long run right? anywho.. thanks for your time.. this blog was just an announcement that im going to blog more so i can get paid more to blog more.. thanks! - mr.sin

The times they are definitely changing..

The times they are definitely changing.. Not much though.. At least for me.. However this is officially the winter of my discontent..

The first incarnation of project darkless as a live band is dead, though not forgotten by me.. I miss my old comrades,. So it is time to try again, i found one cat already.. i think we have a start.. Looking for drummer, and bassists,,

So that we can be found, our batcave is located in North Richland Hills , Texas.. Yes texas... i know, make your steers and queers jokes now.. and before you ask.. Eat me..

anywho... we could use a good bassist to help us lay the foundations .. we have drum machines on some songs.. and want a live drummer on all of them.. looking for keyboardists too..

Other stuff is goin on in the world of the darkless.. We have the showcase on January 23rd on fishbowlradionetwork.com you can see us live by going to the link clicking the green fishbowl icon and watching the broadcast that pops up.. make sure your flash, and all of that stuff is up to date..

WHat else? I have been working on recordings with folks from soundclick and groovezoo to make some of the latest songs .. Im still searching for more too! if any of you reverbnation metal bands want to collab. hit me up!

well I m out ttys

be good or be good at being bad mr.sin

Early Release Album for Charity

We are about to release our first full length album! exciting, isnt it? In the meantime, we have put up an early release version of the upcoming album.. only available through the reverbnation store and to make it cooler we want to help out the local kids of dfw.. Just buy our early release edition album .. and a portion of the proceeds will go to help out local children;s charities.. and tell all of your friends, I said.. Put mr.sin in your head, turn up to 1000 db, rinse then repeat.. use daily, and share with friends! http://www.reverbnation.com/store/store/artist_1242893?item_type=music (direct link to store)

Lets get it started

We've recreated our line-up, we've been getting more practice, we've been recording more, and we've been lining up some gigs. You all should show your support when we start putting up dates for our shows and come rock out with us. Blueberries. Mr. Cold

Crazy Month

oK folks!

its us, and we got a doozy.. this last month has been insane.. new material coming out of us like water from a brand new pipe.. or is that smoke from a brand new pipe? anywho.. We got scouted on a bit, and got some gig offeres, and while we're not to anxious to get out and play.. it was nice to just be offered shows of these calibers.. Exposed tour at the rail club, dallas music fest at the prophet bar, Cd release at reno's its all coming together..

Although we keep going through bassists like crazy , which is disheartening.. but we do have a singer very capable of playing bass.. so all is not entirely down.. just kind of weird.. but its a good wierd..

Cant wait til we find the right bro for this..

and we also need a crew member or two.. to help us go out and sell tickets at places we frequent, and help us give out cds and crap.. for this we will bring you on stage..

anywho.. nice chatting at you all .. holler at us if you got a pair!

Help us Rename the Band!

Ok in the newsletter I sent out yesterday.. I warned some of you that the management wants us to take a new name that better represents what we are about and where we are from in a catchier mannor..

The suggestion we got from them was

1. Black Sheep Coalition 2. We Stood United (this one we came up with) 3. Death Peddler 4. (a throwback) Jesus Chrysler and the Black Cobains 5. LEAVE THE NAME ALONE, YOU CANT FIX IT IF IT AINT BROKE!!!

now then with these options I wanna see some comments here some opinions and get some ideas from you all,.. so get it up there. let us hear your thoughts.. this your band to you know? (who's band? ) ALL OF YOURS.. so help us get it out there properly!

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Project Darkless
Project Darkless  (over 5 years ago)


ASÖTET  (over 5 years ago)

Plunder is brutal like T-rex turdz!
Keep it man...

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Setbacks and Blessings

Mr Sin Says: Rome took forever to build, the people i serve and follow, as well as lead, took the same length of time to grow. So too, this band may take..

I have nothing but good new really..

Though this last week has lead me into some personal difficulties and trials, as well as musical dillemas as well with keeping this band ranked up.

The cats in IWE just live too far away entirely for me to realisticly keep them with us ... though we are still working together.. it leaves us in need of a drummer and a bassist who can handle djen, metal, and hard rock, as well as hardcore rap metal..

Though we have got a new volunteer group to work with for writing.. thanks to the help of SIEGE CATS we will , god willing be able to finish this album, before we even finished putting the band together...

which is cool, but not..

I wanted to have a few songs written by permanent members . .. and wont give up til i do.. I am flexible with style of metal as you can rightly tell ..

SO any takers just hit me up right here..

A new track is now more than a day away as i cant get it finished without the people here today.. We can do it next week so There is the hugest setback yet.. having a song without drums SUCKS..

any body want in?