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You Said You Like Storms So I let you in. Turns out you can only handle so much rain and I'm a hurricane. The pain remained

I tried for fortune and fame but failed and felt so ashamed. I gave up on my dreams and was rushed by pain, now it sits on my heart like a stain. The Pain still remained

The answer feels ill insane the new in feels out and out sounds mundane. I'm hesitant but it resonates like a song from the illest insane, checking out is my name and life after death is my new hope for the real fortune and fame. The pain no longer remained

Free of flesh and pain I will live no longer in a world filled with such reign I checked in and am free to say I have nothing more to say but fuck pain

My First Shot At The Real Deal!

Thank you for taking time out of your precious life to view my Reverb Nation profile! I hope to make it as a succesful producer someday and to just be the life of the party wherever I go! Hope the next time I see you it'll be at the tippy top of the pedestal! Hope everyone enjoys my music! Have a Great Day and a Happy New Year! Now Let's get 2011 poppin off with a BANG!