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2014 - Plan

New songs coming out of me every couple of weeks. I currently have enough material to produce a new album this year (working name "In the Crowd"), but time is not always my friend.

Ye shall see when time marks twain, that life has come and captured Jane.

Take it easy, friend.

Biddy Bidness

Plowing head first into summer with some songwriting and open mics. Join me si tu veut.

Goal: 1 Show

So, my goal is to play one live show by the end of 2012. Even just an open mic.

Transform - Released!

Very excited, folks!

Digital distribution is complete, visit one of the many links I've posted at www.reverbnation.com/janetanfei to purchase your own version.

The physical album will be out within the next couple of weeks! :)

Take care, - Jane

Tracking Done!

Finished up tracking for Transform on Friday evening. I will be picking up the master disc sometime early this coming week. Disc art incoming! :)

Kickstart Me!

If you have a moment to spare, please check out my Kickstarter campaign. I'm trying to finally finish my album. Thanks! http://t.co/yRKc23tJ

All right, all right already...

Getting into gear, otherwise gearing up to get going. Basically, dusting off the gear and getting up to go.

Jane Does Dance!

This is a dance mix of Fate. Take a listen, folks! A big thanks to EK for his creativity and imagination. :)

Fate X (Fate) - by ElectroKnight http://www.ionsonic.com/music/ElectroKnight/track1885.php

Out with the old...

Hello, my friendly fans! Happy Holidays! It's been a busy season, but I've not forgotten you. Hang in there! The new year will bring exciting and fantastic things from me to you.

Ready, Set,

Go out and find some venues for me to play, I ask nicely of you! Or, you could just give me some ideas. Let me know either way.

Take it easy. - Jane