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Abbey Road!

Hey everyone in Reverbnation land! Just a quick update that we are working on editing and mixing the tracks that we recorded at Abbey Road Studios! We will release a small number of these as EPs. Also in the works is the new Castle Creek album! Currently writing away so stay tuned!


Hey everyone! We are so excited to announce that we finally have received our Vinyl records!! More details to come soon about purchasing them through pay pal! Also if you haven't checked out our new album "The Only Life," it is available for purchase online on ITunes! That too will be available along with T-shirts on our paypal store soon!!!

CD Release Party

Hey all! Just wanted to send out a quick update that our full length Album "The Only Life," will be available for purchase on iTunes November 11th! Pre-order starts October 24th. We also are having a release party and show in Syracuse NY on November 16th at the Dinosaur BBQ at 6pm. More details to follow, thank you everyone for all of your support! Kim and Chris

Our New Record!!

Hey Everyone! We are so excited that our new record is almost finished! (and when we say record we actually mean it since we are pressing a limited run of vinyl as well!) It has been a long road with many setbacks, with the loss of Kim's mother this past spring and her broken jaw, but also the whole process has been incredibly rewarding! Kim's jaw is back in commission and we will be starting the vocal portion of the record soon! Both of us feel that this is the best record that we have been a part of and we are excited to finally share it with everyone! The record (barring anymore mishaps) should release in November. We will provide a firm date ASAP. The release will be accompanied by a release party with time and place to be announced. Also this is our first time pressing vinyl and it means a lot to us so we are individually numbering and signing every copy. If there is a special number you would like set aside between the numbers 6-500 please let us know! Lastly there will be some changes when we release the record in the way of a band name! We love the sound of our own names as much as anyone, but we think it is time to come up with a name that fits our new record and the direction of our band! If you have any suggestions for a great band name we are all ears because everyone knows that it isn't the practice, the setbacks, the grueling hours on the road, or the writing and recording of your innermost thoughts and secrets that is the hardest part, but actually coming up with a name for it! All suggestions will be seriously considered and if we use your name in the end there will also be compensation. So anyway, we hope that your fall is everything you dreamed it would be, enjoy the changing of the seasons, carving pumpkins and football and also thank you for your continued support! We love you!

Kim and Chris