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Aknew 2014 V.2.0

as most of you know, we have had some changes this year with Aknew. the new line-up is ready for shows and finishing the cd were we left off. the cd will have 3 songs from the 2011-2014 line-up. tim and Ronnie will be adding guitar solos. we are working on the next 3 new songs to add. for the release we are adding the entire 1st cd as a bonus.

Aknew 2014

Great news. the recording sessions are sounding great. we are almost done with the 1st 3 songs and are about to start pre-production on the next 3. we are recording with our long time producer JIM FOX at Sweet Spot studio of LARGO, Fl. We have Also Booked a HUGE SHOW to start the new year. Thursday JAN 23, we open for NONPOINT at THE ORPHEUM in Tampa/Ybor. tickets are available NOW from any band member. we don't really have a definite timeline for the cd release. Summer is the best guess. we plan to hit the road for a 7-10 day Southeastern Tour to support the new cd. we thank EVERYONE for your support. happy holidays and happy new year!

A(K)new in 2013

we have a few shows this summer and are looking forward to seeing everyone. we are also gearing up to record the new cd. we have started pre-production and have written some awesome new material. we may even hit the studio to release a new SINGLE before the end of the summer! keep your ears open.

Aknew 2012 -Cd credits

Aknew : Antonio Santiago III - vocals, programming Julius Mendoza - drums, programming Nick Farahvashi - guitars Puff - bass

All music and lyrics by Aknew except: "Thresholder" & "C.F.T.A." written by Aknew with Joe Bie, and Timothy Cooper additional keys by Drew. Bass tracked by Timothy Cooper. percussion: TAMPA TAIKO .com

Produced By Aknew Engineered & Mastered by Jim Fox at SWEET SPOT STUDIO in Largo,FL. additional prodution by Jim Fox & PUFF



1. Thresholder 2. (into or out) 3. 21 Grams 4. Pi 5. Beowulf 6. (namaste) 7. Cut From The Ages*