Song "Dawn"

A little about the song "Dawn". The album "Zombie" is very grim in its vision. But, as in life, any dark time simply must end with positive, easy and clear time. Dawn should come after the horrors of the night! So, here is the song "Dawn" as the logical conclusion of the album "Zombie"! Let the seven colors be in the first beam thrown into the night Let the seven colors be in a rainbow of new hopes To greet again the dawn, if the night is over. The joy of life is the crown of the soul. The tribute of wise words is for wise deeds. In the chasubles of patience With measured steps for a good journey To greet the dawn... Let the seven colors be on a blank canvas of a new day Let the seven colors be out of silence in the bright motif To praise the dawn, when the night is leaving To greet own dawn On the tops of great mountains. To release own sunset On the waves of the boundless sea. Let the seven colors be on a blank sheet of a new heaven Let the seven colors be in the first beam thrown into the night Let the seven colors be in a rainbow of new hopes To greet again the dawn, if the night is over.

Song "Abstinence"

A lot of wonderful and great people died from drugs. A lot of my friends died from drugs. Why should I be silent about this? Drugs is hell... This song is a very bad trip for junkies...

Night of lifeless faces In the prison of all-seeing eyes. Urgent escape is necessary, urgent escape... Step through the convention - sold or stolen? There is something more important than the most important. This key should be tried out To spite the evil dog nicknamed Conscience... Her howl has choked with the intricate solution. It will be a high flight In the mighty swing Between black and white, black and white... Up into the bright sky. Like a black eagle down into the dark cottonwool. Upwards through the stained-glass windows of mysteries. Downwards into a haze of strange thoughts. Everything is well, only the strange feeling bothers That somewhere nearby there is she, This painfully familiar bitch, Her slender fingers with manicure of sharp daggers, The sister of poisoned blood – Abstinence... The door's slammed with the pain. Where is it, a small key? It's dropped out of the hands... Keyhole is folded up like the fig… Again knocking against the wall, again knocking against the wall... Abstinence... Again - Abstinence...

Song "The End"

Dreams and hopes themselves are illusive, it doesn't often happen when time and circumstances permit them to come true, and people get to know the value and meaning of life, when the breath of death is felt. Approximately such thoughts accompanied me when I wrote the song "The End"...

Drops of living water flow down into the sand of conventional values. Days fall into the vanity, the wind covers traces in the ocean of sand, And the time erases deeds in shapeless ashes. Drops of precious life won't quench the thirst of the desert. The rain falls on the sand, into the red-hot ripple of mirages Flying away as a glance without meaning…

At the end of restless sleep, melted force of dwindling water, Along the quicksand of vanity – to what was and is, At the end of the path – to get to know own dream, Own day and night, own path and house, Own snow and rain, own light and shadow… To get to know own dream a life-long…

Song "Sorrow"

Sorrow is the final song of the album Lady dedicated to life... Not only dramatic and sad, but also bright lines of every man’s life are written on his last pages of personal history. Will the finished book of life have its admirers, or is it doomed to total oblivion? Was it interesting, kind and bright, or does it look like a walk in a stuffy and dusty vault, because it’s full of unpleasant stories and unworthy reminiscences? Each page of this book is being written HERE AND NOW, and each of us is the author of the book...

SORROW (unofficial translation):

Everything was given what could be accepted, and everything was taken away what was unbearable. There was nothing left at the end of the path, but what was behind. Flowers revived and shed their leaves at the time of dreams and daydreams. Wings completed a flight and a dream, Not having changed the pages of the book sealed by heaven and earth, It was created out of dreams and woven with daydreams. Breath apparently languished thinking as if it felt that this is only a running start Between heaven and earth. At a starry night to the cradle for the beginning of beginnings. At a starry night to the palaces of the time. Wind drives the boat to quiet harbor waters. Wind whispers motif for a meeting with ourselves, Farewell song for a meeting with ourselves.

Lifetime was neither long nor short, Milestones simply flew by with a succession of days, As if a traveler walked along the road not distinguishing the path between mirages. He followed a ghostly bird of wishes. He watched as spellbound dimensional flapping of silvery wings, Listening to her calling voice, past the voices sounding nearby, Not hearing whisper, cry, tears, laughter, joy and pain in them, Listening to her calling voice - the voice of eternal sorrow for the end of desires and aspirations In the thirst for breathing... Lifetime was neither strange nor real, As if the once read book turned over the pages of daily stories, Blessed the memory from the initial chapter to the final chapter. Having denoted the title with the first cry and wheezed the postscript with the last breath, It substantially sunk in the cobweb of shelves, having hidden from the eyes, the memory, the life – the book of sorrow of oblivion… In the thirst for breathing...

Everything was given what could be accepted, and everything was taken away what was unbearable. There was nothing left at the end of the path, but what was behind.

Song "Wanderer"

About my new song "Wanderer": Human life is a moment in which it is impossible to understand eternity. The fate of life is a dream of eternity and the feeling itself in it .... Wanderer is an outcast of religious denominations and political groups. He knows that any descriptions of eternity are the fruits of people's nostalgia about it. He is not a pilgrim, blinded by spiritual teachings of the other people, the mighty for the human history, but like dust for the eternity... His spiritual experience is not knowledge, but only the dream of the eternal. He’s just a Wanderer living his dream, light, in the world of shadow..


Song Lady tells about life, its beginning and end, about our attitude to it and its relation to us. In fact, we ourselves create or destroy, decorate or disfigure it according to our inclinations. We make life as we are able to do, so it makes no sense to blame life in something, if we believe that our life is not formed or presents us with the terrible lessons. Life goes on and develops in accordance with its laws and regulations, whether we like them or not. Even if we believe these rules are not rational and we are only guided by any social or even our personal rules, it doesn't matter for it. And from the first to the last breath we belong to it and obey. Wise people can understand something in it, but not everything. It's impossible to understand everything in it. Some ones refer to her as to a drunken slut, others – as to a well-dressed doll, and the third ones - as to a fussy companion, the fourth ones try to take from it everything what is possible, not realizing that they have to pay for all. It becomes such as we would like to see it, and relates to us just as we do to it ... I relate to LIFE like to a great LADY - not only strict and unforgiving, but also wise, fair and kind, and this song is dedicated to HER.

GuNDiRoCk  (over 5 years ago)

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Destinations of creativity

The whole interest in creativity has been concluded in the works. The remaining attributes in the form of fame, popularity, promotion - are just sweet and nice dust, in general - useless and sometimes harmful one. Promotion and fame aren't ideas of the area of creative development and they may not be the goal. Today you're known, tomorrow stray dogs pee on your grave. All is transient, music is eternal. It remains in the movement of thought, in images that do not disappear after the creation, in creating your own personal worlds.

Song "Zombie"

Song "Zombie" is dedicated to my departure from the music in 1991 for a long decade. What is it - to lose own habitual way of thinking and own feelings and to plunge into an outside,unfamiliar and alien world? In fact, many people live without music, make money, organize a career, are spinning in the mills of political games. But during those ten years I did not take place either as a businessman, nor even as a politician and I will say more - after my departure from the music, my life became like a sick dream, because in relation to the world I had an internal tearing away, which could not be overcome. So after creating my project Z1 the first song, I composed, was the song "Zombie", with which I finished the journey through the hardest period of my life, in the world without music!

Song "Abyss"

Song Abyss, the second track of album Zombie. A very old theme. I started developing it in 1984. Somewhere in 1985 I tried to offer my colleagues including it in the program of some contest, but the theme was so wrapped up for the time that they could not even try it in rehearsal. Well, then, there are songs that can only exist in a certain sound and nowhere else. This is such a song. Perhaps also that from the moment of birth in my head until appearance in this world the song became rather old and no one needs it a new time. Or maybe it is still relevant. It's not for me to judge. The main thing - the work is finally done, so there is good reason to immediately wash the feet of this 27-years-old baby!

But.... Contents of this song can be seen every day in the news. Content of the song is where there is the mood of the excited crowd. Who controls it? What provokes in the mood of people behavior, leading to self-destruct? What pushes them out of their homes into the streets, into the community of people who have gone mad and smash up shops, destroying everything that yesterday they created with such difficulty? What are the reasons of such an absurd transformation of people into a ferocious pack? Song "Abyss"does not give prescriptions and medicines, it simply states what is there. There is already medicine from the collective madness in the soul of each individual. This is a reflection of his personal life and an understanding of its meaning for society as a whole. Just one ought not to reject this medicine.

Concept of Project Z1

Perhaps the acronym Z1 seems strange, so first I would like to clarify that it has nothing to do with various technical devices Z1. The abbreviation Z1 formed as a reduction of the full name of the project - "The Lonely Zombie". This name corresponds to the theme of the project for the following reasons. First, I am a 'dead', i.e. a studio musician. Since some time I've avoided the appearance both on stage and if possible - near the stage. Secondly, it's a single project, because I try to connect no one and to involve nobody in this project, so that to solve all the emerging challenges and problems independently. This applies to everything: writing texts and composing music, performance and mastering, video creation, design covers to albums, providing the necessary technical conditions for this entire, as well as the development of the required methodology. Thirdly, the very essence of the project Z1 is to see third-party and dispassionate look at the different phenomena occurring in the life, avoiding the transitory effects of the different denominations, groups or societies and not reflecting anyone's positions and opinions, but my personal observations and reflection. So the motto of this project is the key phrase –


These supervision and reflection may seem also strange, but in life there are many strange things, there is nothing strange only in death. And then agree - some of the living ones are more dead than already sailed to the other world, and some of the dead are more alive than actually rotting in this world. Also - people are always lonely, and everybody on his way from birth takes only his personal decisions and is responsible for them personally, even after death. Although the attempt to go mentally beyond the last line and look at the lived through the way from outside is not new, but not so useless. Hence the preamble of the project - "The Lonely Zombie". Therefore I dare to conclude that the main theme of this project is the theme of life and death, time and eternity, in their indissoluble connection. The future will tell what this theme would be better expressed in - in poetry, prose, music or videos, but for now I can think and work, and I have this project. Due to the fact that I have to do everything in the project from beginning to end myself, the work on the project has been slow, but I don't worry about it because the desire for the ultimate form created is akin to the pursuit of his death. Everything lives, while developing, and dies, when development is completed. There remains the last form, which after the completion becomes the past. In general, everything is as in real life and as in real death. I think it is more interesting nevertheless to live. Therefore, I am also very little interested in promoting or advertising what is already created and what remains to be created under this project, and this means the following - what I do here, I do without commercial intentions.