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Old recording of me singing Bill Withers

Well not super old LOL. Just like 4 or 5 months kinda old ;]


Some horrorcore lyrics i'm tootin around with.

Been having a lot of struggle lately, and it's been bringing me down, to the depths of hell with demons all around. The fight's are dragging me into the abyss, digging deeper into my evil tryst. You've woken her up, she's inside my membrane, no conscious no morals, completely insane. Revenge in vain, enter to her dark brain, laughing at your bloody pain and the utter disdain. My smile is like your neck, from ear to ear. Your eyes still open with the look of fear. I told you to stop before she got mad, now look at you laying there bleeding and sad. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see. My name is Lily and you just set me free.