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The new album '- TRANSMISSION'- has been released and is available with all singles and previous albums here..

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THE BLEEDING ROSE TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM ________________________________________________

Our label MusikandFilm Records asked us vey nicely to put together a compilation of all the broadcast singles we have released over the past four years so we said yes....

TRANSMISSION is the result.

Nine tracks in digital and analogue tormat of evey broadcast release by the group since they were signed by MusikandFilm just over four years ago remixed and remastered and some even re recorded to ensure perfection in art. All of these tunes are receiving airtime on both terrestrial and internet networks* throughout the world with a number of these tracks charting in the top 30 iin both the USA and Europe right now!!.

TRANSMISSION is the quintessential musical statement from THE BLEEDING ROSE and although no track is longer than 3.30 in duration this record stacks up as a highly polished presentation of the music with the very highest standards applied to all aspects and is a guaranteed favourite for every lover of music and lyric. Several brand new tracks from the forthcoming album "ELECTROBIOLUMINESENCE" are included here , as well as others from "PROTUS" and "REFRIED".

The digital release of TRANSMISSION will be followed by an initial run of 250 copies of the album in 12 " vinyl, and these will feature a bonus track in the form of an unreleased single. 50 CD copies will also be printed for promotional purposes and as gifts to certain beautiful peeple. Tshirts will also be available for purchase in due course. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We invite all of you who are curious to get in touch with Musik & Film Records with expressions of interest. =======================================

* (including 13 BBC networks and high rotation airtime on many other stations too numerous to list here. Notification is received via email from the record company)


Well here we are...a Grammy Award..never ever thought of it as a thing we hoped we would get so its even better to receive it!!! We have been nominated for the song 'EVEN CLOWNS CRY' which is available here for you all...

IN OTHER NEWS - the new single 'THE GIRL I'LL NEVER KNOW' will be released this week around the world for radio broadcast..this one is a little different again but hell, we like it and we are confident that you will too!!

We have a whole bunch of new fans now and we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all fans of THE BLEEDING ROSE for the continued int5erest and support that they have shown the group.

Its about the music...

Its all about the music..

Blessed art thou!!



The Bleeding Rose are pleased to announce that all tracks from the PROTUS and REFRIED CDs are now available for your listening pleasure on Reverbnation!! Please feel free to download them and don't forget to tell your friends!! The response to all our music has been entirely positive and of course we value your feedback. The single 'Gimme What I Want' is now available through MsikandFilm Records, and the new single, 'Look Inside of You" is due to be released shortly. Why not become a Bleeding Rose and fill the world with the sweet smell of love today?? All ya gotta do is listen!!